Who makes the HP lightscribe media?

Who makes the HP lightscribe media? I’ve almost gone through my first batch of 100 HP 16x DVD-Rs. SKU 4 710212 132074 P# LDMA00030.

Only had a few coasters @ 16x. I’m happy with the HP media but can’t find the 16x DVD-Rs anywhere in the 10 per pack cake boxes in bulk. My first order was through supermediastore.com and was fine but they are out.

I need to make sure the appearance of the DVDs are exactly the same so the gold top coat and the purple bottom are necessary for my projects to give my customers a consistent appearance.

I may decide on switching to another brand if I can get it cheaper and they are the OEM manuf. for HP.

That’s really my question. Who makes the HP lightscribe media for HP?


I have HP LS -R’s and they are CMCMAG-AM3’s and burn good. Use DVDidentifier or Nero CD/DVD Speed to see what they are. Both free programs.

thx rolling56 =D

These HP ones are exactly the same. DVDidentifier says they are CMC MAG .AM3. Only problem now is figuring out which other labels use the same media. I’ve noticed that phillips and verbatim also sell lightscribe media. Do you think they all come from CMC?

I’m guessing Verbatim makes their own stuff (very good media i hear by the way) but i have no idea on the philips brand.

What brand/model of burner do you have?

It’s a Lite-On LH-20A1H-185. Thx if I can’t find the HP I’ll check out the verbatim. The HP disks seem very durable compared to other media I’ve used. They seem “thick and heavy.” lolz

I have the 20A1P same as your but no LS. I use my Samsung S183L for doing LS. I was really surprised with the HP -R CMCMAG AM3’s. I have not tried the +R from HP so i have no idea how/what they are.

I had a Staples Rewards check so that’s why i bought the HP’s
Are you in the USA?

Yeah I’m in California. I figured when I got the burner I’d go with the HP media since they developed the technology. Using the burner on Vista with TMPGenc and it works great. Only problem though is that TMPGenc needs more ram to transcode when the source is AVI and not MPEG2.

Basically putting TIVO stuff on DVD and also doing some semi-professional DVD authoring with TMPGenc.

Only issue I’ve had really is Vista running out of memory when authoring. You can read the thread here where I was discussing the issue, actually it looks like the site is down.

Basically you need at least 2 GB of ram to do AVI transcoding in TMPGenc on Vista. If you only have 1 GB it’s just stop, won’t crash, but will just stop progressing to 100%.

I’ve never used TMPGenc/Vista so i cannot help you there. Also i’m in USA.

It’s pretty good software at a good price. It’s called DVD author 3. Lets you create all sort of menus and stuff. It’s even multithreaded so I was thinking about throwing a X2 in the box and some more ram but it runs pretty ok now.


Do you use any professional lightscribe software? I’m using the free one which only does a simple ring label.

I’ve looked into other software like the shure stuff but can’t find anything like GIMP-style so I’m just stick with the free lightscribe.com labeler for now. :rolleyes:

edit: so I’ve tried surething’s CD/DVD labeler, but since the interface was kind of odd I’ve found the LIGHTSCRIBE SIMPLE LABELER to be pretty good.

People really like the look of the disks. I’ve had a few people comment on the looks and smile.

Plus it takes so long to make even a simple label I couldn’t imagine how long a full dithered label would take.

Thx again.

Thanks for the link.
I bought and use Sure Thing. I haven’t used it a lot but like it so far. I downloaded it and did not buy the disc with all the extra templates. I figure i can make my own.
I also use the Contrast Utility and still have to make 4 passes to get it dark like i want.
I also have an Epson R320 printer and print on discs with the Epson. I like the best of both worlds.
I forgot to mention that i also have a BenQ 1655 which also does LS but just got it and haven’t used that drive yet.

Wow so it does 4 passes to get to a certain contrast? Does that take like 15 min?

Never knew there was such a thing as ‘printable media,’ thanks for the tip. =)

Yeah so between my 4 boxes I think that 80% are Lite-On. I have one BenQ 1650v DVD-rom from CompUSA that just died, so I need to replace that I think some time. It may be the OS though because something went wrong the other day. Time to reinstall I guess. … :bigsmile:

I think I accidentally erased some crucial MS services by accident. I was trying to get ms messenger to stop auto-loading so I removed it but it also removed like IE and a bunch of other stuff by mistake.

http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=&dvdmediadvdridsearch=CMC+MAG+.AM3&type=11&size=All&dvdburnspeed=All&order=Name&hits=50&search=Search+or+List+Media here’s a list of other CMCMAG-AM3’s.

Fantastic thanks. :smiley:

Verbatim LS 16X+Rs are MCC004, and they are as good as normal Verbatim. :iagree:

Last time I checked both CMC and Moser Baer (MBI). Officially, HP lists CMC, Verbatim, MBI and Prodisc as LightScribe disc producers.