Who makes the best dvd-r media

i have a lot of skipping and freezing up in my backups But not all disc do it. i am useing a sony dru810a burner any one have any sugestions? oh i am useing ty-yuden discs.

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I like Verbatim all the way, baby! :slight_smile:

Are you sure they’re genuine TY? There’s lots of low quality stuff that’s faking their MID. Check out the TY FAQ at the top of the page.

I second Qyngali’s reply.

You need to check if the TY DVD-Rs you’ve got are fake or not because the fake ones often give horrible burns.

However, I believe that genuine TY DVD-Rs are the best blank DVD media you can buy.

is it true ty,s quit makeing 4times disc and does any one know where i can find any of them?

Somehow I think your last post belongs in a new thread.

dvdmad: TY’s 4x DVD production has apparently been stopped.
However, you can still get:
TYG01: sometimes as “Value Line” leftover (?)
YUDEN000 T01: from Disc Impex, Athens, Greece, as That’s 4x DVD+R (Ceramic Coat) in 50 disc cakeboxes (it’s cheap)