Who Makes the Best 18X Burner for TY 16X +R?

Just as it says, who has the best 18X burner, exclusively for burning TY 16X +R.

Scans done on BenQ or Liteon are very welcome. The burn speed is unimportant; the quality of the burn is paramount. Sorry to the Plextor people; I only want to consider drives that are reasonably priced.

Hard to believe no one here has an opinion. Ah well… too close to the holidays.

Ah…Depends on what you want the drive to look like. You can buy a BenQ 1800 and flash it to Litey LH-18A1P/LH-20A1P or visa versa. Get what i mean? All 3 drives are the same hardware wise. Look around Litey and BenQ forums and see scans.

Which is why I limited the selection to Liteon, NEC, LG, and Samsung.

Poll shows LG. You got one vote so far :wink: I’m not voting yet as i haven’t had the media here at the moment to test. I’m sure there are scans though for you to see.

I am also interested in getting an 18x burner…one that will be feed a healthy supply of TY 8x Sony +R

Can I cast a negative vote for the NEC/Optiarc as being one of my least impressive burners for YUDEN000 T03 media?
(Not to mention a disappointment in general)

I’m sure some of the other choices would be better.

Thanks for the confirmation. I was through with NEC after I saw what my 4570 did to TY T02. Any other drive would do Princo better.

Looks like Samsung is a contender.

LG H22N, no doubt. I’ve been burning Fuji TY 8x +R’s all day and scanning with a 1650 (BCIC) right after. Talk about one heck of a result. Whew, that be one clean burning rig.

Here: H22N w/ TY 02

T03 burned on Optiarc AD-7173A.
Firmware 1-2D

Disc 1 burned at 8x
Disc 2 burned at 18x
Disc 3 burned at 18x on Samsung SE-S184M (external)

Thanks Dee-27. It is sad to see NEC still has that problem with PIF peaks. It looks like the Samsung is a real contender, but I will doubtlessly burn at slower than 18X. No point in creating that mountain of errors at the end to save a few seconds.

1 vote for the nec :slight_smile: it’s a very promising drive .

Quick question; what chipset did you have in the external enclosure and what was the burst speed that allowed 18X?


The drive is shipped with Samsung’s own enclosure. The IDE - USB bridge is based on an [B]NEC[/B] chipset and it reaches 18x with ease. :bigsmile:
Full review here.

I do not recomend benq if you burn a lot,last aprox. 4-6 months. asus fair,nec-sony? Nec not optiarc, very good. lg not enough exprience. lite-on not reliable, sony 16x good, not optiarc.