Who makes th Cicero 40X burners?

Does anyone know who makes the Cicero 40x12X40X drive?
Part number is CI-CW40-034, 2 mb buffer

These are going on a boxing day special really cheap, wondering if it was worth a look. ($39.95 CDN)

Other wise I’ll be looking at either the ASUS 48X or the Lite-On 48X or 52 X
Prices are close…
ASUS 48X retail $95
Lite-on 48X retail $95
Lite-on 48X OEM $90
Lite-On 52X retail $109

I know the 48 can be flashed to the 52 ( it is the LTR-48246S)
but the price of the 52 just dropped from $129 to 109, not much of a difference now…

Suggestions needed, has the write quality issure of the Asus 48X been fixed with the recent firmware upgrades? or is the Lite-on preferred still (no Asus 40 or 52’s carried)

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(To the best of my knowledge, having recently researched the Cicero line )

All Cicero products are mfg. by Futureshop (or explicitly for Future Shop Inc.) They are the “President’s choice” type brand for the store except that instead of the being the best quality they are the best priced. Cicero products are nutoriously considurably cheaper than pretty much any other brand and although as I say not the best or top of the line (i.e. rarely offering cutting edge technology, the latest feature or even the most sturdy build) I’ve been satisified with any Cicero product I’ve bought. BTW: the Cicero brand has many products from CDR/CDRW’s to Mice, Keyboards and CDR media, etc.

Specifically the Cicero CDRW drives I found to be extreemly reliable (especially recording at high speeds across many different mfg’s of blank CDR/CDRW disks). For less than 90 bucks (Cdn / 50ish US) its well worth it and in my opinion one of the best deals for cheap burners going. I’ve had less problems burning everything from PS CD’s, game ISO’s, VCD’s and CD-i’s with my Cicero burner than my considurable more expensive backpack (about 3 or 4 times the price) and of course the worse of all burners (Any HP drive, i.e. surestore burners) dont even compare in the coaster graphs. At an avarage of 30-40 CDR’s burned a week on my Cicero for the past 5 months or so (and all except once or twice at .MAX recording speed across the top 5 cheapest CD’s avail.) I can honestly say I’ve coastered only 3 cd’s and even then all 3 times were explained with bad ISO’s or drained machine lag from other applications.

The only one downside I’ve seen with Cicero burners is because Future Shop brands the device and keeps the component brand names to themselfs drivers can be a bit tricky to find for some programs like CDRWIN. XP detects the drive simply as “CDWritter IDE128” and installs it’s built in generic driver. (This however, has worked fine with nearly every CDR/CDRW software available to date (excepting CDRWIN)).

Anyhow a little late of a response but I figured I’d answer anyhow because I asked the same question about 6 months ago and had to track down the info myself. Hopfully this will log the info for anyone else on that path…

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Originally posted by rwall
XP detects the drive simply as “CDWritter IDE128” and installs it’s built in generic driver.

It sounds like a BTC OEM to me.

$109 for a Lite-On 52246S? Damn, where do you live?