Who makes Pacific Digital?

Does anyone know who actually manufactures these CDRW? Is there a sister drive to them, like Sony & HP?

I emailed their thech support and they said Samsung…but would not give me Samsungs model no.

The Pacific Digital CDRW drive I have is really a Lite-ON CDRW.

I have a Pacific Digital 8x8x32.

It is a Samsung drive.

Came out of the box with a Samsung manual and package.

I think it sucks though. It writes in RAW-DAO but makes random errors with RAW writing, such as randomly corrupt files.

I e-mailed them about this problem, but I don’t think any of those dumbass techs knew what RAW-DAO was!

They simply replied, “It is because your writer doesn’t fully support RAW-DAO mode.” Well, either it does or it doesn’t, there’s nothing in between, so I’m thinking we’re more qualified to work in their positions then they are!

Oh yeah, one more thing.

The Samsung model that I have is “SW-408B - Firmware Revision BS04”