Who makes my laptop's burner drive?



Hello everyone. I just bought a second hand, like new laptop from a friend of mine after my computer bit the dust. I installed ImgBurn to see what my drive is, and it comes up as a " DVD A DS8A2L-A " produced by a seemingly unknown vendor called SlimType.

Does anyone have any idea who makes this burner? Apparently this burner is absolutely horrendous, can anyone vouch for it? It is installed in a HP G60 laptop, though I have read it was installed in a Lenovo and Compaq laptop.

See here for more info:



LiteOn manufactures it. (LiteOn’s DH-20A4P identifies as “ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P”, and the iHAS lineup identifies as ATAPI iHAS624 A…they made the drive identification string as generic as possible around the time of the DH20A3P drives). They allegedly tend to make somewhat subpar slim drives (ever since 2005, I’ve heard complaints), though I’ve had no personal experience with one.


Albert, can you vouch for this drive being terrible? I know it seems to be a little less… Reliable than my BenQ burner from around 2006.


Most say all laptop slim drives are “terrible” for burning.
The recommendation is to use a good external with a laptop for burning.
Only use the laptop’s internal for reading if necessary & as little of that as possible.
A laptop drive is probably OK to start with but the heat quickly gets to them if used much.
If the internal has already been used a lot get a new internal & use it as little as possible.
As above get a good external drive.
I recommend getting a good external enclosure & installing the drive you want in it.
Do some research on the compatibility of the drive with a specific enclosure . As well as the enclosure with your laptop.


LiteOn lappy drives still beat the pants off Matshita though, especially for reading. Mind you, I think any drive might beat a Matshita :wink:


Mother of God, never mention MatshSHITa again! My old HP had one of them and what an awful night mare it was…


[QUOTE=Chad_Bronson;2609046]Mother of God, never mention MatshSHITa again! My old HP had one of them and what an awful night mare it was…[/QUOTE]

Matshita, Matshita…Matshita!! :bigsmile:

Have you burned anything on the LiteOn lappy drive yet? If not, give it a shot, I’m curious. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Never been “blessed” with a Matshita myself, to be fair. My lappy has a Sammy in it :smiley:





Soooo much fun…:flower:


NO MORE CAKE FOR YOU. :a :bigsmile:


Bah. Go test your Litey :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


You will pay for that! :cry:


Yeah yeah :bigsmile:…just thank God it’s not another Matshita in there runs :eek:


Right now, I would take a Matsushita compared to an unknown SlimType - Apparently this burner is godawful, according to what I could find over the internet. It can’t, interestingly enough, burn Dual Layer discs.



I have a Matshita on my old backup desktop . It has been a good drive.
My main complaint with it is you can’t set the book type to DVD-ROM or do scans with CDSpeed or DiscSpeed.
It reads & writes well though. I don’t write over 8X with it.
This is the club myce review:
I do most of my ripping & burning with a Litey DH20A4P with 9P59 firmware.
I don’t like that Matshita(Panasonic) doesn’t have much in the way of firmware updates . That is a reason to avoid them IMO.


Ah, see now this is interesting, because I can’t seem to set the booktype either on the burner that I’ve got, which is bizarre if it produced by LiteOn considering the excellent reputation of making great burners. So why is this one so naff?

The only reason why I don’t like Matsushita is because it balked when I tried to downgrade my Vista laptop to XP and it broke once I had installed it. It refused to read any other OS, the wireless wouldn’t work, the disc tray woudn’t read discs… It was a nightmare.

PS. is there some way I can set my book type to DVD-ROM?


You can try ImgBurn’s function to do this,
The drive does need firmware that supports setting the booktype.
I don’t know if your drive does.
I’ve only used the Matshita with Windows98 & XP . No problems with either.
I think I tried it with an external case on my Vista OS & it worked fine.
Since Vista was a preinstall on my computer I couldn’t get a rollback. I just tweaked until I have Vista about as good as it can be. I have few problems with it.


That’s the software I use, although the disc does burn, the little pane telling me the information just reports N/A for book set match. And since none of the changing bookset for the drive manufacturer works, I’m sort of stuck with it. It doesn’t make sense to flash the firmware if it is working.


I don’t like that Matshita(Panasonic) doesn’t have much in the way of firmware updates . That is a reason to avoid them IMO.[/QUOTE]

That’s a really good point. Sadly a favourite of mine COUGHLGCOUGH seem to have adopted that approach, unless things have changed recently.

@Chad - you tried all the usual bitsetting jobbies - ImgBurn, Nero etc? EDIT: Ooops, too slow!

Maybe ask in the Litey forum if there’s a way, C0deKing might be able to take a look. :slight_smile:


I tried having a tweak in ImgBurn, but it doesn’t allow me to change the bitset. Surely it seems a little wrong for the manufacturer to cripple the firmware in such a way?