Who makes Memorex DVD+/-RW DL burners?

Who makes Memorex DVD+/-RW DL burners?


Well I am glad you didn’t ask who makes Memorex media or I would be here all day.:bigsmile: I know for sure that Memorex has rebranded Lite On and Nec DVD DVD+/-RW DL burners in the past and there are probably more. Do you have a specific model in mind to narrow it down some?

Office Depot will have Memores DVD+/-RW DL internal and external on sale next week.

I was hoping to find a BenQ 1655 or equivalent Lite-On, if there is one.

Who makes the MDX-600le?

a bit offtopic: my Memorex printable DVD+R’s were rubbish :slight_smile:

(I use verbatim for normal DVD+R’s but couldnt find printable verbatims thats why I tried these Memorex bastards :P)