Who makes Memorex burners?



Does anyone know who the manufacturer is of Memorex DVD drives?


Can you specify a specific model of memorex burner? Memorex might have more than one supplier, I’m not sure.


Thanks for the info. I was thinking it was the Plextor 712A.
See: http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4520-3185_16-5605105.html?tag=nl.e540-1


That one looks like it could be the Memorex D2 - in which case, it would be a Liteon 1633S rebrand


This is based on Lite on model according to CDRinfo.

It’s probably a Lite on SOHW-1633S. Note that you can get the actual Lite on model for considerably less than the Memorex version.


Thanks, Jucius Maximus, much appreciated.


Yes, the 16X Memorex DVD writer is a rebranded LiteOn 1633S.
CDFreaks review coming soon on this!