Who makes Memorex 50spindle 52x?




Any idea what manufacturer is behind those particular ones? I would like to wish for Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:


No chance. The only TY CD-Rs you’ll find are some Fuji and Maxell. Memorex is going to most likely be CMC, or possibly Prodisc.


Go to Wal-Mart and have a look at the cake box. If they are marked made in Taiwan, it can be CMC, Prodisc or Ritek. The CMC ones have 2 to 3 plastic rings on top of the discs. The Prodisc ones have a small styrofoam ring
covering the centre hub on top. The Ritek ones do not have any rings and you can see the familiar Ritek serial number around the centre hole. I got a Ritek spindle from Lougheed Mall Wal-Mart a couple of months back.


I have the 10 pack 52x and they are prodisc - so probably the same for 50 pack.


Damn, I guess there’s no chance. If I would have known the pack my sister bought was TY I would have bought them all :slight_smile:


Both, 10spindle and 50spindle, printable or not printable that can be found here in Serbia are CMC


what ive found lately is memorex is going strictly with cmc now…which isnt that bad since cmc media quality is improving as of late.


Hmm, I guess so. I still don’t trust it but actually in 2001 I had a bunch of them and they were all good and 0 C2 errors (of course we know they vary drastically by batch). Ironically CMC Memorex media is the same price as TY Fuji :).

What others would you trust? What do you think of the Ritek (RiData) brand? I can say my Arita Ritek spindles are not consistent quality, but at least you can usually tell a bad disc by weird marks in the dye.

I guess I’m looking to find a new cheap, ok quality CDR that will burn consistently with 0 C2 errors.

If you know any please do not hesitate to mention it and what brands it is sold under :slight_smile:


ATIP: 97m 26s 66f
Disc Manufacturer: CMC Magnetics Corp.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.82MB (79m 59s 71f / LBA: 359846)

Anyone interested with Plextor Premium / Liteon 52327S scans of this media?


I ran an extensive series of tests (4x-52x) on this same media (97:26:66) a little while ago. It is also branded as TDK 48x for computer burning and Staples 52x. It would be interesting to see if your Premium mirrors the findings of mine.