Who makes media for TDK, Maxell, Imation?

TDK, Imation, Verbatim and Maxell seem to be the big names at Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA (US). I have been plundering the threads and have noted that Ritek, Ricoh and others are recommended for my new SOHW-812S. So, what media is renamed under the labels of TDK, Maxell, etc? I’m mainly interested in DVD+R at the moment

MAXELL DVD-R discs are made in JAPAN & FUJI DVD-R is manufactured by TAIYO YUDEN also made in JAPAN. They are considered top of the line media. MAXELL DVD+R, TDK DVD-R, VERBATIM DVD-R & IMATION DVD+R are manufactured by RICOH. Some VERBATIM media is manufactured by MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORP. From what I’ve read on different forum sites the TDK media lately has been made by CMC which is considered crappy media. To find out the media codes for dvd media and who manufactures them. Use dvdinfo pro or dvd identifier programs. You can also check this site for dvd media information: www.nomorecoasters.com and www.videohelp.com

I read, and found on merchant sites, that Fuji -R are no more Taiyo Yden but Prodisc.
Edit : and that +R are no more Ricoh

OTH, there are now discs on the market with Fuji associated with lesser quality names (Princo or Bulkpaq if I remember well). Edit : It’s Datawrite Grey.

Anyone has an insight on Fuji new offer ? Going downhill ?

DVD Addict : Digital.faq is quite explicit and gives a ranking of brands. Thanks for the link.

Depends. The Fuji -R that come in cardboard boxes are usually TY. The Fuji -R the come in spindles are usually Prodisc.

If you want to be sure of what you are getting, look for the “Made in Japan” mark. For Fuji, this means it is from TY. (In other cases it can be Ricoh, i.e. Maxell DVD+R.) Fuji “Made in Taiwan” is Prodisc.

Also note that I have purchased Fuji DVD+Rw that said “Made in Taiwan” and then when I opened it up, the physical discs said “Made in Japan” and they were from Ricoh (which was an excellent surprise!!)

Out of the three you mentioned maxell is probably going to bring you the best disks. Also Memorex do real well with the 812…look at some of my scans in the liteon forums. I would suggest buying dvd+rs for you liteons they work alot better than the dvd-rs. (memorex dvd+r 4x are either cmc or ricohs both do well with the 812).

I use quite a lot of Imation + and -R and they are ALL made by CMC. Of all media I bought so far, they are amongst the better ones, looking at the KProbe results. So far, I haven’t seen anything better than Taiyo Yuden media though.