Who makes JVC BD-R DL 50GB?

I have been looking around on here and on the net but can’t seem to find the answer.

Which company makes the JVC BD-R DL 50GB 4x discs that are inkjet printable? I suspect it’s Panasonic (since I think JVC is owned by them) and they’re likely the MEI-T02-000 code ones but it isn’t 100% clear to me.

Thanks for any help folks!

The regular JVC blu-rays are made by TDK actually usually, and their current 50gb discs are for sure. The LTH type blu-rays from JVC are made by Taiyo Yuden. There are also some LTH 25gb discs out from JVC that are made in SIngapore which I suspect means they are made Mitsubishi.

It gets even more interesting to see they have new discs coming out next month which do not have Made in Japan splashed all over the front, don’t know who or where these will be coming from.

Wow so it’s really hard to predict. Thanks for your reply.