Who makes I/O Magic 8x DVD writer

Especially the Manufacturer: I/O Magic

Mfg Part #: IDVDRW8D

Who is the actuall manufacturer? IO Magic? Or someone else?

Basically is it relabelled and if yes then from whom?

I would like to know too…

Data Transfer - WRITE Speeds 8x DVD+R (11080KB/sec)
4x DVD-R (5540KB/sec)
40x CD-R (6000KB/sec)

Data Transfer RE-WRITE Speeds 4x DVD+RW (5540/sec)
2x DVD-RW (2700KB/sec)
24x CD-RW (3600KB/sec)

Data Transfer READ Speeds 12x DVD (16620/sec)
40x CD (6000KB/sec)

Could it be a DD0401 drive that was manufactured by Optorite?


It could be an Optorite or a BTC.

Early on the drive was an Optorite. Lately, the drive is the BTC 1008. This issue has been discussed before, here’s the link http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=99935