Who makes HP 16x DVD+-R?

Officemax has a good deal on HP 16x media in the + and - flavors, about 10$ per 50 spindle.

Any idea what the media code is on these, or what the overall quality is? TIA.

HP 16x +R: Either CMC MAG M01 (not that good) or MCC 004 (very good).
HP 16x -R: CMC MAG AM3 (ok).

You’re more likely to end up with CMC though, I’d say. Sheer luck getting MCC004 for the +R’s :slight_smile:

CMC MAG. M01 isn’t bad if you limit it to 8x burn speed.

But how could anybody tell the difference between HP CMC or MCC ?
CMC made MCC and CMC MAG M01 should have the same famous serif font and rectangle above the recyclable triangle logo .
Unless you say we should look for Prodisc made MCC which should have non-serif font style for LOCK------OPEN words on the spindle and Prodisc made MCCs are not that good too (my logic is eating itself up) :bigsmile:

Verbatim/CMC MCC 004, 25 pack, has a higher tall lip than HP/CMC CMC MAG M01, 25 pack.
The CMC MAG M01 cakebox is slightly taller and feels softer (actually 30 discs fit into that one), and it has three instead of one foam spacer.

What about 10 pack spindles ?
I think that I saw lots of 16X HP DVD+R here in Egypt (in another far city !) and I am gonna go there after 10 days , how to know for sure they are MCC 004 ?

Well, you have to open them. No other way known :frowning:

a bit off topic, but i just bought (out of curiousity) a spindle of CMC-made HP 8x DVD-R, they are CMC MAG.AE1.
is this stuff any good ?

Yeah, should be on most burners.

Really? All three spindles that i have are terrible at any speed, on any of my burners.

I must have been unlucky…

No, I think I was lucky :bigsmile: - this was after trial and error with about 6 drives, mind LOL!

Do you still thank God for NEC? :wink:

Hehe, yeah they seem to burn it pretty well, or at least mine does. No problems reading back on the Litey, either!

If you are not in a hurry, Officemax usually has Verbatim on sale at the same price sooner or later. Also there is an occasional good deal at buy.com with a google checkout and rebate.

I think most of the above posters are not in the USA, I really do not know if Office Max is international but they might ship, but that would raise the price dramaticly.

You are right , but the world has become very small . I see the weekly ad posted by ripit here and I call my brother in TN or my close friend in NY and tell them what to get me , then send the discs with anybody coming to Egypt :bigsmile:

I buy media from here like crazy just for testing purpose and it is as expensive as hell , but sometimes you see strange things like : Panasonic TYG03 selling for the same price as Samsung Pleomax 8X media :eek:

I will check those HP 16X DVD+R hoping for MCC , but even if they were CMC , it will be good for testing as I never used them before :wink:

CMC isn’t terrible… It seems quite average, and does decent on every burner I’ve tried (Lite-on, optiarc, NEC, LG, etc). I came across a 50pack that was a bad batch, but had no problems returning it.

If the price is right, I don’t mind using CMC.