Who makes Digistor 50 GB archive for life?




Wondering who makes these discs. Any words on quality?


Digistor 50 GB archive for life are manufactured by CMC Magnetics in Taiwan and have the mediacode CMCMAG DI6.

The quality can be decent with 6x speed on Pioneer writers from BDR206 on.

If you can get hold of them, I would prefer Mediarange BD-R50 6x with the same mediacode.
CMC Magnetics had quality problems with their BD-R50 discs around last christmas, which they seem to have overcome with actual Mediarange discs.
The quality of Mediarange BD-R50 currently is very good.


The E-mail I got from MediaMegaMall in July claims they’re Panasonic.

Digistor 50GB BD-R Blu-Ray Discs (made by PANASONIC) and are ABSOLUTELY the most prefessional grade discs on the market today.

MediaMegaMall is your premier source for wholesale, professional grade recordable media. We are introducing DIGISTOR 50GB recordable Blu-Ray discs at the lowest price available anywhere in the USA.
Here is what we mean by PROFESSIONAL QUALITY:

[ul][li]Japan quality manufacturing standards
[/li]> [li]Panasonic media codes give you the highest equipment compatibility
[/li]> [li]Archival grade with scratch resistant technology
[/li]> [li]Lifetime warranty[/ul][/li]