Who made my TDK?

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but LiteOn i think will reply.

That would be their first reply in years! :slight_smile:
For some reason Lite-On really hate e-mails…

What about TDK or Plextor(SKC)? Are they more cooperative?

What about TDK or Plextor(SKC)? Are they more cooperative?

dont know about plex but tdk sucks never got a reply

also went to tdk site but i could not find a firmware for the xa model only the other 2

TDK has no firmware for XA model.

it looks like tdk has had a go at making thier own drive for once. The reason i say this is the firmware starts with TD and they have not given an update for it. TDK is very lazy in this way in 2 years i have only got 1 f/w update for my 161040x and that was a looooong time ago, they even stopped putting links to thier own s/w on thier site in the d/l section for my drive. The reason i say that tdk has made this is because as i said it starts with td and there has not been any updates for that model wich says to me that tdk made this drive and they dont really care about it or the people who bought it

i could be very wrong

Here it is:

"TDK drives are not the same as Plextor drives. No Plextor firwmare or
software will work with TDK drives.

Please contact TDK for assistance with your TDK drive.

Plextor Support Team - Jack"

Dear John,

Please contact TDK for support.

Lite-On Tech Support

There’s no current firmware update for 16/10/40XA. I checked it with
Engineering Department. Since we need additional information, please
toll free at 1-800-835-8326 7:00am to 5:30pm PST 7 days a week and we
gladly assist you.

Thank You
VelocdHelp Department
TDK Electronics Corporation.

Hot damn! I figured out what the TDK 161040XA drive really is!
It is not a Plextor PX-W1610TA, it is not a Sanyo CRD-BP1400P and it is not a LiteOn LTR-16101B. It’s actually a Sanyo CRD-BP1500P with the firmware modified to limit it to 16X instead of the full 24X the drive is designed to do! After some minor hex editing, I flashed the drive to the latest 6.40 firmware from Sanyo and the drive is running at the full 24X it was originally intended to run at. The original TD35 firmware was a hack job TDK did to Sanyo’s 6.35 firmware to limit the speed.

So, it you have a TDK 161040XA, you’ll be surprised to know that you actually bought a 24X speed recorder that was intentionally crippled.

How did you figure it out?