Who made my drive help



have a Packard bell imedia pc which has its own firmware the drives says its a atapi dvd a dh16absh is this a liteon drive and does anybody know if you can cross flash this drive many thanks baz


Probably a clone \ oem design PLDS DH-24 ABSH\LH the LiteOn iHAS x24B, Plextor PX-890SA \ L890SA \ Teac DV-W524GSB\HP dvd 1260\1270t\Asus DRW-24B3ST\LT and several other OEMs.
And those structures you can do croosflash.
But check carefully the best in OptiDriveControl drive properties and firmware what is installed there.
You have the online instructions crossflash LiteOn models.
This in a nutshell…


ok thanks can you point me in the link for these is it the code guys thanks baz