Who knows where flight MH370 has gone

I guess everybody heard about the Malaysian plane that’s lost. It’s incredible how a plane can get lost in modern times. There are suspicious it got hijacked which might mean the passengers are still alive. But just as well it could be down somewhere in the ocean.

What do you think has happened?

Sadly, I think the plane has come down somewhere in the Indian ocean.
I hope that maybe it has been hijacked and the passengers are still alive, but this planes disappearance is a complete mystery, or someone is covering up what really happened.



Seriously though, I’m more fascinated by the constant and steady stream of conflicting information that has come out related to MH370. The engines transmitted data for hours, then they didn’t, now they did again. There were military radar contacts, then there weren’t, now there were again. At this point just about anything seems plausible no matter how far fetched.

The latest is the plane flew for almost seven hours after communication was lost. I think it is now a foregone conclusion that it was hijacked in some form. I think it was an inside job by one of the people inside the cockpit. It is very hard for a hijacker to gain access to the cockpit of a jet after 9-11. I bet one of the people inside the cockpit killed the other people there and then flew the plane until it ran out of fuel. The intent might have been to use the plane as a weapon but the plan went bad (in a good way…well not for the passengers).

[QUOTE=UTR;2722435]The latest is the plane flew for almost seven hours after communication was lost.[/QUOTE]Don’t worry, they’ll deny that shortly. :rolleyes:

I think the sources in the USA knew a lot about what happened to this plane from the beginning. They let the Malaysian government take the lead out of protocol. I think even the Malaysian government knew what happened but their knee jerk reaction is to not admit this was an act of terrorism. In today’s age I have a hard time believing that the plane wasn’t followed with RADAR the entire time it was aloft. The USA can track ballistic missiles all over the globe in real time so tracking a slow moving jet would be child’s play. I bet the Malaysian military tracked this jet for the entire time it was in their airspace and beyond. The US military is searching for the plane in the Indian Ocean and I doubt they would be wasting their time there on a hunch.


The Malaysia PM has now announced that the plane disappearance was deliberate.


[QUOTE=Dee;2722426]or someone is covering up what really happened.[/QUOTE]

That’s the most plausible situation IMHO…:iagree: