Who KNOWS their Panasonic car faceplate interchange?

Hey all ,

Who out there is the faceplate interchange guru ? I have an OLD Panasonic CQ-DP22EUC mounted in the girlfriends old sportscar, stupid me managed to take the faceplate off and set it on the trunk in the dark storage garage, THEN had to back the car up …well you can guess what happened…CRUNCH so now she has no tunes , hates me :a , etc etc. SUPER difficult to replace this unit in this car , and the faceplate for the CQ-DP22EUC is no longer available…I was told some others will work in its place, such as the CQ-DP22 , anyone else out there have any knowledge on interchange ? Part number for the correct one is YESSDF0018 …I have looked high and low… :confused:

Anyone have a faceplate stash out there ??? Know someone ??? :bow: Ideas ? Thoughts ? Hello ? Hello ? :rolleyes: help !!!

You may have already solved your problem but if not, hope this helps . . .

Had the same problem when our car was broken into and the faceplate was stolen. Finally contacted Panasonic and was given the name of the local parts distributor. He was able to order us the part (number as you quoted). Cost was $85 Cdn plus and tax and shipping. Don’t know where you live but you might try contacting Panasonic for your local distributor.