Who knows about "TBC" as a CD-R manufacturer?



I was browsing the “new products” at SVP, noticed some CDRs with “TBC” as the manufacturer.
As I never encountered this one before, out of curiosity I was wondering if someone here has any info… the advanced search returns nothing for “TBC”.

EDIT they produce DVDR as well! http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=2046#reviews :confused:


lol - I suspect they don’t know the MID of the discs, or they have a batch with several MID’s in (if I remember correctly, the Panasonic 100 tub of 16x -R discs can have several manufacturers according to SVP). Strange.


TBC: To Be Confirmed ?

Francksoy, I think Kev is right - SVP haven’t confirmed the manufacturer, yet.


That’s what I think :iagree:


Bingo :iagree:


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