Who knows a good cd/dvd info tool?


I search for a cd/dvd info tool who displays the date and time the cd/dvd was burned and as much info about the cd/dvd as possible.

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I could way off but I do not think that there is a tool that can tell when it was burned. If ther were it would be very valuable info but unfortunatlly that info is not recorded on the disk. There are plenty of tools that can tell you about your disk though. For instance, one of the simpelest but most important is dvd identifier which tells you who the true manufacture of the disk is. Most disks including major brand names (sony, memorex, maxell or whatever), are not made by them. Knowing who made the disk tells a lot about burning. what are you trying to find out?

hmmm, correct me if i’m wrong, but i think i can remind that Nero CD/DVD-Speed has already showed me the date of a dvd i’ve burned.
this was when i tried to scan an old copy of “terminator 3” on a very cheap media…
i could be wrong with that, but if i remind correctly, the info was on the top right side of the program…

/edit: yup, look here - the tool shows the burning date (not time, but hey, with the date you limit the time-span to 24 hours… :wink: ) of the burning…

I’m going to have to check that out!!! I have traditionally used kprobe for scanning and have used cdspeed occationally, but if it can actually report the burn date, that would be very valuable data as far as scanning old burned disks the see how various medias have decayed.

Edit, I just downloaded the latest cd/dvd speed and checked out a disk (had to see if it would do it).
Damnd if you were not right!!! I wasn’t aware that. That brings up the subject of dvd dacay. I wasn’t aware this info was contained on the disk. With this info, you can scan old disk, know when they were burned and see the results of age!!! Am I the only one that missed this?

Hard to correct you Razor1982 because you might be both right, and as you’ll see soon, wrong.

What is recorded on a DVD disc is the date of burned file(-s). On DVD’s this info is recorded (among other basic info) to sector #16 on disc.
When your files are created and burned the same day, the date will be “right”. For a movie backup there will always be a difference in time, because you can’t rip/decode/encode and burn the movie at exact the same time.

But for example when you create a data disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed, the date and time of “creating file” and burning will be the same.

For detailed info what just been said you can use any sector viewing tool.
I prefer ISOBuster. :slight_smile: [2006-03-22 20:11]

You scared the hell out of me pinto2, I thought that the gold that I had hit was wrong!!!
I understand that it is based on the file date, so an old file will show an old date. But a movie backup, that was done disk to disk, will show the correct date(dont care about time), correct!!!
So you are saying, that I can take my old disks (like 2-4 year old disks), and if they are movie backups, the date is corect, and I can scan that disk and get a good idea of longevity?
This would have been very valuable when we were talking about decay so much. Am I the only one that missed it? If we know when they were burned, we can show decay and post meaningfull results. I’m going to start scanning disks (now that I know when they were burned). I have only scanned 1 0r two disk on my favorite media (ricohjpnr01), and I chose those disks becuse they were old and I knew the burn date within the month from the content. Now I can scan many of them. I’m going to go digging into some of my really old stuff, to see how it scans (now that I can identify the burn date).
I feel retarded, am I the only one that missed this??? I know when we were talking about dvd decay a lot, I never saw it mentioned???

ripit, your teacher told me you were absent a lot during these classes, camping in cdfreaks livingroom forums. /joke. :smiley:

Attaching one of my first burns with a Lite-On 411, back in july/aug-03, (before I joined this forum).
To bad this disc doesn’t play back anymore…, it’s a Princo 1-4x. :Z

thanks pinto2 for clearing this up! :slight_smile:

Joke my ass… If you had seen what I have done in the livingroom… Well it was just more fun!!! There were some old time that would rival any dvd burning!!!
(honestly they would trash any dvd burning)
On a more serious note, I’m not seeing your point from your post/image from iso buster.
I have a few disks that I know how old they are. Not too long ago, there was a lot of discussion about dvd decay, not only with unburned media, but more so with burned media. That seemed to be when everyone turned against ritek (becuse they had media, a lot of it, that would deterorate way to fast). It was kind of the turning point where ritek went from average to unusable… Fyi I was never a ritek supporter (I was defanatlly a ricohjpnr01 supporter, to insane levels), but when all the discussion about decay was more common, I really honestlly wanted to investigate it… I guess I do spen my time in the wrong forums, but did we ever come to a conclusion on dvd decay? A solid conclusion, or even some solid ideas, or did it just go away?
If we can see the burn date (I swear to god, a few months ago, noone ever mentioned cd speeds ability to see that, and I posted scans of a few disk that I actually knew the burn date of (within a month), I feel stupid if I spent a few hours finding a disk out of a thousand that I knew when it was burned, to show longevity…
How long have I been out of the loop (or is this a recent function of cd speed). If I can just read the file date, then why was this never brough up when we discussed the longevity of disks?
You have given me very valuable information. So is there a place here that we discuss the longevity of disks, with this date info???

There is a “recent” thread in Media forum section about media longevity, here.


I checked it out and and I probably couldn’t absorb it tonight, but will intentlly read it tomorrow. In the mean time, here is a random princo scan from me. I was quite shocked by the date (I expected it to be older), Odds are, this was a test burn (I actually still have a little 1x/2x princo on the shelf, I keep them for testing purposes though its been ages since I found reason to test that media). I actualy want to hunt for (check the dates) on older media, to see how it burned.
For some reason all the save image options are greyed out (like I said I use kprobe more, but here is a screen print and does anyone know why it is greyed out?

Wow wow, that’s princo quality :Z . PIE’s in 1600 and PIF’s 200+, 3 millions PIF’s…OMG. :eek: :eek:

Doesn’t the floppy button at top of app work? Or maybe your system just doesn’t wanna save that crap… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok fine so I had a dozen windows open, its 4 in the morning (and I may have drank undisclosed amounts of vodka last night), and the floppy disk icon was off screen (dumbass award, with a unanamous vote, goes to ripit!!! (cheers and horrraas!!!
This is the old blue labeled compusa star logic princo. I have some of that and some of the newer grey labeled star logic princo (I could find the media code but its baried so far to the back, why bother. I also think I have some media on the shelf that actually carries the media code, cmcmag (thats it, cmcmag). They were marginally less totally crappy than the princos!!!
So was that 2 year old princo what you would expect!!!
It might be fun to see how these old medias burn on my 3500(it burns anything), as well as to see how they burn on say, a benq 1640??? I wonder if the drive can even support it? Obviouslly I have much beter medias . I was grown and raised in the dvd burnining scene, since infancy on ricohjpnr01 and I still swear by it!!!

Princo :Z nothing else

It’s not important ‘how they burn’. You can burn even the suckiest crap media successfully these days.
It only counts how the QUALITY of the burn is…

My only reason for considering burning these old mega masivlly crappy medias is morbid curosity… After all, if someone took dried shit from animals all over the world, bake it into shit bricks, built a bridge on it and drove a car across it, wouldn’t your morbid curosity demand you find out what animals shit was the weakest link that cause the bridge to fail (we all know that a bridge made of shit canot support a car, so it going to fail, every cmc and princo brick will fail), but seeing the results might be fun? A little nostalgia for those that realize that technology moves fast and dvd media has actually mega improved since its very recent infancy stage…