Who Is Your Closes Friend That You Trust The Most

Who you can feel as close friend that you can trust to talk to, to rely on and tell her/his your most secret? Is that your friend, classmate, sister, brother, parents or boyfriend/girlsfriend, husband or wife?

Hi :slight_smile:
I have no friends. :sad:

Usually i dont really trust people, not even myself… There are some former classmates that are close to me, but i dont meet them very often :sad:

In the cyber world it would be Alan1476 and the review team here at CDF.

In the real world it is my therapist. LOL.

The whole review team? That’s very sweet :flower:

Edit: awwww, poor zebadee :sad:

Yes, the entire team. I have always received the best help from all the members; I think we have a great team, I am proud to be a part of it. :iagree:

My Dogs

Closest people: my family. [Usually.]

Closest friends: two or 3 people I met at school. Have been friends with them for between 4 and 6 years.

Yeah I am just a CYBER world kind of guy. :clap:

Closest person to me Kenn. He is my brother from another mother. We would do anything for each other :slight_smile:

Closest friend: you’ll probably say this is sad, but it’s my mum. The way I was raised, she’s more like a sister or friend. I can tell her anything, and vice-versa.

Even down to talking about whoever either of us is romantically involved with, we share quite intimate secrets :wink:

my girlfriend

my girlfriend tracy…i share everything with her…
she is non-judgemental and offers some good advice…

My closest friend is a guy named Chuck. We’ve known each other since the 5th grade and I stood in as best man at his wedding many years ago.

It is blessing to have such close caring friendship with classmate and so lasting closeness and sharing many moment of life together.

You are among one of those luck people who has such thoughtful relation with mom to go to that extend of friendship. Nothing can replace this caring and affectionate companionship.

My husband is definitely my closest and most trusted friend :iagree:

I also have five really close girl-friends who I trust and share a lot with. I don’t make casual friends very easily and find it takes me a long time to develop a really good, close trusting friendship.

Same … but currently my Fiancee :wink:
Also my brother.

I totally agree. You took the words that I meant to say [but, as always, forgot to say] right out of my mouth.

The five close friends sounds like me, and it takes a good while to develop a really close friendship for me, too, but I differ in that I seem to easily make casual friends. I dunno…

No one of my closest friends knows every single thing about me. I kinda split my life into 5 parts, and each one gets their respective part daily. It’s weird with me, I dunno.

the voices in me head, they understand…