Who is the best and quickest trader on the net?

I recently bought some cd of trader he promises next day delivery it being 2 weeks
still no cds yet

Who can I turst and why ??? I got money to spend and want the cds asap !!!

but getting pissed off as being ripped off
if I don’t these cd of the traders buy saturday I will tell lots of net users over the UK state , Australli etc



They rock, watch some of the other topics about Speedycrew, they deliver warez cd’s within Holland in 3/4 days I don’t know how long it takes to send cd’s to other countries, give it a try.

for me www.liquid-cd.com is the best. Fast an good quality

1:1 Crew http://www.crazaybytes-cd.com/thenr1crew

Well…I said once and I will say it again:

The Fasted Service and Best Quality!



Try me. http://copystation4u.webjump.com

hey madcap…i dont care how fast the dealer is and some are fast,but your dealing with the mail system of differnt country’s here…i used to get my wares from my dealer in 5-7 days and sometimes longer…i think it has to be a problem with customs mostly…so sit back and wait like everyone else does…

Look i concern about the postal system I am after good service which mean told if there is delay etc it should not be up to me to send nasty email to some one because they forgot to tell you or some trader just don’t to send the goods out after they recived the money !!! as you know out there

looking at the talk section I know where my business is likey to go !!!

Madcatz thanks for your time people I am in the uk and kicking as just can’t get enough cds …