Who is OEM of Compaq DRN8040B?

I have one of these drives in a laptop. It can’t read any burnt media very well–make it hard to move large amounts of data to it or to recover backups.

The firmware rev on the drive is “2.25” and the ‘serial number’ is “2000/01/21”.

Any ideas who really made this and if I can get a firmware upgrade for it which might fix the media reading issues? Compaq/HP doesn’t seem to be very well organized in the support department–expecially not for an older machine like this.


It could be this drive: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=197
Firmware matches and modelnumber and as you can see, there is no firmware update available yet…

Yeah, that looks like the guy. Darn that there’s no better firmware. As it is, it can read pressed single layer and has trouble with pressed dual layer. It has well more than ‘trouble’ with any kind of burnt media. Oh, well. I guess it’s a write off.

Thanks for the research and the pointer. I appreciate it.

BTW, where’s Er.de? If it were Eu.de, I’d get it, but isn’t Er Ireland? PM is probably best. It’s unlikely anyone else cares. :slight_smile: