Who is ill at the moment

I have just caught a bleedin cold and decided i would make a poll about it so who is ill at the moment


Nope. I haven’t been sick in years. :cool:

I stopped getting sick when I stopped taking speed. Funny, that. I also rarely smoke anymore, so I don’t get sore throats or chest infections.

I am, I have a cold. So does my sister.

When I went to sign out of my school to go home (2 days ago) I noticed 2/30 people in my class had gone home that day because they flet ill.

Ben :slight_smile:

still getting daily “back ground headaces”, although i havent had a cluster headace since november 04 iam not looking forward to march/april as thats usualy when they startup again. :sad:

So you mean 1 out of 15? :confused:

If I wanted to simplify the fraction yes, but in my class there are 30 people, and 2 where off, it seems more logical to leave it as 2/30.

Ben :slight_smile:

Not me.

I’m ILL but probably not in the way you meant.


Ok, I was just wondering if it was a typo and you meant 2/3.

nah, not that many :wink:



i was poorly last week feeling much better now thou :slight_smile:

I am.

Wife and daughter are

I’m feeling great !!!:smiley:
skips around the room, singing

hmmmm…Happy are we?

I’m getting sick from some of the post people are making and know I don’t mean this one. It always amazes me on how so many people want you to hold their hand. :Z
There is satisfaction in helping yourself. :iagree: :bigsmile:
They can start by using the search. :bigsmile: