Who in the right bloody mind would use GREEN leds only on the bloody 1633!



Whoever designed the 1633 should be FIRED… What’s up with the green led blinking during recording - I mean my 1633 burns fine, but where did the red led go ??? Why doesn’t it stay RED when recording and GREEN when reading instead of blinking green that SUCKS !

Is there any logical reason why they designed it this way ? Were they colour blind or something?


Rumor has it that Sony wanted Lite-On to do it that way (Lite-On is making drives for Sony now)… maybe they figured it would confuse somebody or something? :confused:


Many agree with you! You will soon have the option to change it if you want. See [thread=126954]this thread[/thread].


Sony just doesn’t want anyone to figure out that their drives are really LiteOn’s…


I think that was the original reason but why then, did they make the LiteOn 3S the same as the Sony :confused:


I was trying to be facetious… :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, maybe now LiteOn wants everyone to think their drives are made by Sony??? :wink:


That is the most ridiculous thing I read today :smiley:

It is common news that LITEON makes drives for Sony - it is all over the internet, there is no SECRET agenda or conspiracy here people LOL!

BTW, codeking is there any side effect to your led patch ? Will it cause the drive to explode or something ? :smiley:


Maybe it’s causing the LED to explode, because it’s forced to show colors that it shouldn’t…


it’s forced to show colors that it can show… they are only disabled in the firmware.


I know, I know… But it still shouldn’t, according to Sony and LiteOn. And according to many users, including me, it should!!!