Who in cdfreak has the coolest avatar?

Ok, not like we dont have enough silly threads already but I need to break the 200 mark and Im bored and it´s late and…you get the picture.

Who do you think has the coolest avatar? cast you votes, and you may only vote for yourself once. :wink:

Dee-27 of course :slight_smile:


No, seriously.

Dee-27’s a pretty damn good too. Always, ummm, catches my eye.

I drew mine! Does that count? :bigsmile:

mine :iagree:

Chaotic Double Pendulum i was inspired to use this after whatching The Butterfly Effect.

a little bit eye catching


I like acko’s so far…

well its not mine is it lol

What about mine ?

your is the second best :wink:

so i see how it is…cerberus…no love for me anymore…:frowning:

I vote for mine

sorry Mistress, i dont mess with Tax girl :p:p:p:p
(but i have always love for u)

ok i’ll forgive you this time…now back to the dungeon…minion…

mine! its me in real life!!! IT REALLY IS!!! THATS WHAT I DO ALL DAY!!!


REALLY?? you can walk on the ceiling…COOL

I know you can do better than Dee if you want to… :smiley:

Yeah! im the REAL Spiderman!!!


shoot i wanna DO dee…what are you talking about… :smiley:

now that would be a great avatar