Who here has a MySpace Account?



Post your links :slight_smile:


A what?


I was explaining this to a german friend earlier, and he had the same reaction…he thought I was talking about webhosting.

Pretty much a network of people and their profiles, blah blah blah.

Pretty cool.


What’s that?


I was thinking the same … but they also have women. :stuck_out_tongue:


like Friendster.com…which is larger (in terms of number of registered members)…it’s all part of the “Social Networking” craze these days…ughhh. :Z


Thank god we’re not social. :wink: :smiley:


i guess i was looking at it from a different perspective. having been in the interactive/web advertising and marketing world, “social networking” sites have been all the hoot for advertisers lately. gladly, i’m no longer in that world…but the insight was/is invaluable.