Who have you blocked on your email

I was using Hotmail and was fiddling with some options and I decided to go and look at my blocked email list.

This is some of what I found. :wink:

I think it maybe time to remove tham all and start again. Just in case someone in Canada or France wanted to send me something. Ah maybe not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to add aol.com but the program would allow me to. Seems you can block msn domain no problem though. :doh::confused:

The CDF staff.

Just kidding :flower:

Edit: I don’t think I ever blocked anyone - only select people have my ISP email, and I use Yahoo for all other stuff, and have never had a spam in either. :slight_smile:

Anyone not on my white-list (i.e. Contacts) goes into Junk Mail using Rules in Outlook for later sorting.

I never noticed that option in hotmail :doh:

I guess if you scroll on down Womble’s list…you’ll see my nickname :wink:

I feel bismirched. My good name tainted.
If you cut me do I not bleed.

well ya never write ya never call whats a person suppose to think???

Busy :stuck_out_tongue:
With all those hot scantily-clad aussie girls :wink:
Aussie girls are generally friendly :iagree: to me at least :smiley:

but see with his hat with corks on it…kinda intimidates the lassies when you’ve got a Massive Throbbing Cork Hat…it kinda imtimidated the blokes as well

I only blocked one person once who was kind of a strange pervy person. I am not sure if they are still blocked or not. Probably. But that was years ago.

I’m old-school Hotmail so I still can read my accounts through Outlook Express.