Who have windows whistler iso? can you help me?

hello everyboby!
who have windows whistler iso? i want to download it! i don’t find it in any website! :sad: who can help me?
thank you!

I’m not sure that whistler is available for download, but you can download from microsoft website a beta bersion of Windows Vista.

Take a look here

Windows XP was codenamed Whistler, I believe, and we can’t help you with an ISO of that (as it would be illegal - take a look at the forum rules).

Assuming you mean Vista Beta 2, follow Geno’s link.

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chenshichao, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

First paragraph on that page:
Thank you for your interest in Windows Vista. The Customer Preview Program is now closed. We have reached our program capacity and no new orders are being accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.So I guess it’s too late for ordinary users to get the Vista beta through official channels.

:doh: I didn’t noticed it :o :o

thank you everybody!

Thank god for that.

Hopefully god took pity on the world for the misery that M$ was about to inflcit & cast Vista down to the pits of hell … well … to become the pits of hell.