Who has the cure for skipping dvd's

what is the cure for dvd’s that ive burned, they skip and freeze throughout the movie

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If you’ve been hanging around here for little while you’ll know that mostly this is down to poor quality media , out of date burner firmware and the wrong burn speed.

If you can supply the following then we can direct you in the right direction.

If you’ve not got it get Nero’s CD-DVD Speed and load a burned disk & take the Disc Info option. The screen image will tell use the burner, firmware & media ID of the disk. To load that image back here take the floppy icon @ top right of this app & save the image in PNG format.
Then post that image back here using the Go Advanced option of the posting screen & the Manage attachments.

Just add what speed you burn at & we proceed from there.

Welcome to CD Freaks , pitbull3 and hello TimC ,
Perhaps it could be usefull to know if the problem occurs with the pc player or with a stand alone player ? :cool: