Who has the AD-7173S? (please no other drive)



everyone who owns an AD-7173S (NO 7173A OR OTHERS WITH S!!!) and has installed Nero 7 Premium ( or newer) can please check what message is displayed under the Nero Labelflash/DiscT@2 tool?

How to get there:

  1. start NeroStartSmart
  2. go to Extras
  3. click on the “Create and print a LabelFlash™ disc label” icon (“Labelflash Label erstellen und drucken” in german).
  4. check out the text right under the Labelflash/DiscT@2 image in the upper right corner of the window.

you DONT need a Labelflash media! thank you


Yes, it is so. I have LabelFlash. I have v7.7.5.1


and what text is displayed under the image?


Create and print a LabelFlash™ disc label

p.s. i have new version


no. i mean when you click the labelflash button. what is displayed under the labelflash/discT@2 image?


Have exactly the same drive & Nero ver & even edition :slight_smile:
Just did as you wrote.
Result: “Optiarc DVD RW AD-7173S”

What did you expect?


i expected “no capable burner found”. what chipset has your motherboard?


I have it, but only use older Nero, seems to see drive correctly


I’m still using “ NEC” which came with my real 4551 from NEC, and it works still without problems.

[B]Did your Nero version come with your drive??[/B]


no it did not.


So you have the answer, I believe.
For me LF worked right out of the box when I got my 4551 & the Nero cd.

Maybe you can wipe Nero and use the Nero cleaner, then restart, then instal new from scratch.


My guess is that it’s currently not possible to use Labelflash with drives attached to nForce4 SATA controllers.