Who has some old DVD's to scan?

I was wondering if anyone has any old DVD’s they have burned that they could scan and post. I would like to see how the quality of DVD’s are after a few years. Thanks guys

Here is a burn from almost 2 years ago using a BTC 1004IM.

DVD-R Maxell Gold TYG01 (Taiyo Yuden)

Scanned on BenQ 1620

The Jitter is much higher than it was a few months ago when it was last scanned. Seems to play fine though.

The RICOH 01’s are TDK 4x burned on an LG from that time. and the other is a Memorex 4x probably burned at 2.4x as I was having problems burning them at full speed back then. The TDK are better than some of my burns now

Here’s a scan of one of my older discs I just grabbed to scan. CMC R01 2.4x on NEC 1300. Disc was burned around 2 1/2 years ago. Unfortunately all of my older discs have hairline scratches on them and most have light specks of ‘gunk’ from storing them in a crappy disc wallet. This disc has some light scratches throughout and small specks towards the outer edge, if they weren’t damaged I can only imagine how well they would test. I’m not really sure of the best way to clean them without causing additional scratches, but it’s a minor issue as they play fine so I’m not going to push my luck. And running them through a DVD Doctor device would probably just raise the error levels throughout the whole disc.

This one is interesting:


chas0039 … I wonder how much longer (matter of months probably) until that entire PIE section is solid blue? :slight_smile:

These are gasp 1x, white-top Princos, and substantially older than any of the other discs posted. I’ve scanned eight or so and they’re all similar to these.

Edit: the second one is the oldest I scanned and the worst of the bunch. Different media batch or different firmware? Age? Storage? I have no idea.

They have already all become unreadable. Any G05s I have left don’t even indicate that a disc is in the drive.

Here’s a Verbatim brand Ritek G03 at 2x I just scanned, burned about two years ago. I can’t recall for sure what it was burned on, NEC 1300, LG 4020, not sure. Since I didn’t document the drive and I don’t have a previous test of this disc, it’s impossible to say whether the disc has deteriorated over time or if it was burned like that from the beginning.

Ouch! Hopefully nothing too important was burned on the tail end of that disc. :frowning:

Nope, no big deal with that disc.

Here’s another old disc, this time I tested a cheapy generic disc. MEDIA ID 001 media code, 2.4x media burned at 2.4 on NEC 1300, just over 2 years old. I’m not sure who made these discs, Infosmart maybe? They were very cheap but actually burned well enough to at least be useable even though the PI/PIF test isn’t pretty. I have another test of this same disc on a different drive from over a year ago and actually the disc has NOT seemed to have deteriorated, at least not much anyway. The tallest spike was present from the start and was from a scratch on the disc, and there are a couple of scuffs on the edge which may be the cause of the rise of PIF at the edge. Long story short, these cheapies have held up over time even though they are clearly not great discs to begin with.

Here’s 3x Verbatim 2x discs. So far none of these 2 year+ discs let me down :slight_smile:

That gives hope. :slight_smile:

THis was sold as “Burn Star” about 2 years ago and was burnt on an NEC1300A. All the data was still retrievable.

Not quite 2yrs but not to shabby for ritek…

Lets try this again…

the oldest i have must be 1 n half old 4x princo

Myr if that is aimed at mine it is 2003 which makes it 2 years ago after all who is going to give a toss over 2 weeks, and I wouldn’t say it is Ritek as it is TDK code. It’s just a shame I can’t do PIF on this drive.

No, it was mine, I screwed up on inserting the image… if you saw my second post which said “lets try again”…

It looks like some brands can stand the test of time I guess. I have a bunch of them that I burned and never scaned them untill today and a few look like this.

Now keep in mind that the DVD might be good might not be because it has a stickey lable on it (I dont use them anymore nothing but trouble with them)

Cant even make an image file to reburn this one, gotta break out the original to do that.

It was a solid burn untill it started building up. PIE arround 5-14 and PIF was also low, i cant remember the numbers but I was amazed good DVD’s i think but labels killed them