Who has LiveWare 3.0 for my SB-Live?




Is there anyone out there who can provide me of the LIVEWARE 3.0 program from CREATIVE LABS ??

I want it on Cd-r…

Its too big for me to download it…



To big?? its only about 20 mb …it aint that big…


Come on, Ruff-Next… Some people just don’t have fast connections. I don’t know any, but, eh…


AJ, mail me at : Psycho_Dad_Rules@hotmail.com

I have the latest Liveware plus some cool soundbanks which i can put on cd for you.

Oh, eh AJ, seems i’m GOD. Your from the Holland right… (Check his profile guys, it’s not that hard to figure out…)


pSyChO dAd