Who has got "The World is not enough or "Fight Club"?



Who has got the Films "The world is not enough" or "Fight Club" on VCD???

I have Scream 3 as a DVD-rip!!!!

Please send me an EMail to visualc@gmx.de if you want to sell me these films.
With price in DM (German Marks)!




Yeah well I’ve had the scream3 dvd-rip for months now! I also have X-Men The Movie dvd-rip! And also Spiderman The Movie dvd-rip… and StarWars Episode 2! (sorry… couldn’t help myself )


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I got 'em both, are Telesyncs though…and with the world is not enough there’s constantly some kinda black bar with wich they’re trying to cover the subtitle…just see for yourself on screenshot I got on my page…

Mail for a trade if your interested…


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I have also many DVD Rips, I like to trade DVD Rips and many more as well.

Email me at: cds_nl@gmx.net




I have fight club and 007

fight club = asf (screener)
007 = 2cd (telesync)

mail me for scream 3


mail me for star wars episode 2


mail me for star wars episode 2
at drcrash@casino.com


We got em…

For all your CD needs


Ok guys im new to the warez cd and VCD stuff
and ive got some questions. like how can you have a copy of eppisode 2 of starwars when its not even out yet? and same goes for the x-men movie? you say its a DVD-Rip and telesynchs but im not sure what that means. and whats the sound and video quality like if im watching this with my dvd player? vcr quality? camcorder quality>? crappy quality?
im just curious i would like to find out more about this stuff but not the hard way. id just like to know what to expect from these cds up front.


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weel, this cd’s are coming out of the US, DVD-rip is best quality and cam is worst.
it is different with every movie you get, what the quality is, you have to ind out for yourself which dealer has got the best quality, most of the times you better ask before you buy what the quality is.

GreetZZ FlarEMan