Who has a Vantec chipset cooler?

The fan is dying on my Radeon VGA, I need to replace the whole cooler. I want a “quiet” cooler, and this Vantec is looking like a good solution.

Anybody using one of these? Is it fairly quiet? Hopefully as quiet as the original.

Why not get a passive cooler?

If you have the space for this and you don’t want to OC your VGA card extremely, I’d also go for a quiet way of cooling. I like these giant heatpiped heatsinks (example).

Actually, on my 9700-Pro, they recommend a fan on the Zalman. But I don’t really have room for it anyway.


Zalman was started with the launching of their “silent PC” cooling solutions several years ago. The company is somewhere in Seoul’s industrial park. They even introduced a case that costs more than the latest Dell dual-Xeon workstations, but I guess there are people that still want one.

Zalman 7000-series CPU coolers are cool. The price was too high at first releases but now they are reasonabley priced. I’d also like a few of the VGA heatsinks. The one on my 5600 AGP is too noisy. I was a little surprised to see XBit Labs mentioning Zalman 7000 on their Celeron D review. I’ve used a 7000 for over one year. It was as expensive as a Celeron 2.6GHz.

Anyway, the ZM80D-HP looks pretty. They know how to make the design appealing.

vga silencer

Go with the Vantec Iceberg PRO series. It’s the all copper version.
I’ve got one on my 9500Pro@9700Pro and it runs great.

The “pro” series uses a much bigger (and noisier) fan. The regular Iceberg comes in copper too, which is what I wound up ordering.

What a relief! Got the Iceberg Copper for $9 and it is more or less silent in my case. No more RRR-rrr-RRR-rrr-RRR-rrr to annoy me. :bigsmile:

the copper make is the CCB-A1C it’s quite.

I have the Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer on my Sapphire Radeon 9700. Run in lo or hi fan mode, it’s still reasonably silent, incredibly cool, and the price has gone down considerably since I bought it. Also exhausts the hot air out the back of the case from the card. Don’t leave home without it.

For a review:

Where I got mine: