Who goes to the Gym to Workout

Does anyone here have a daily workout routine?

I am trying to start a new one, I haven’t hit the gym in quite a while, and want to get back into it.

If you think you have a good workout routine, post it here…

what about 100 press-ups per day…

I don’t work out. I’m skinny as it is. But I used to work out, by just doing sit ups and push ups everyday. And I walk to and from school too, so that might help. But EVERY time I lift my shirt up at school, this one girl (nameless) loves to rub my stomach.
‘Oooh you have a six pack!’
‘Ahhhh! Cold hands!!’
‘Ohhhh sorry!’ keeps rubbing

walk dont run

You guys crack me up.

I was referring more to a workout schedule to follow such as diet and excersize, weight to lift ratio… etc… things affilaited to the gym

oh… schedule… errmmmm… we are to lazy :slight_smile:

I used to go the the fitness centre (kind of gym, isn’t it?) twice a week and do some excercises at home at a daily base. Last few months I haven’t done any of that thoug, but I intend to pick it up again. I’m once of those overweight IT people (just 10kgs, but stil, it’s overweight). I plan on visiting the gym at least twice a week.

I never have worked out. Never will probably too…

no offence guys but most of the IT people i know are overweight for some reason… im not, im skinny as a goafer. :bigsmile:

I work at a job where I’m physically moving (walking) or lifting 8 hours a day. I work as a machinist so lifting metal is just part of my day. When I get home I relax, or unwind by weightlifting. I have a room dedicated to working out. I have a power rack for bench press, delts, squats, calves, chins. Incline, flat bench, hack squat machine, and an add on to my power rack for triceps/lat pull down. I built the power rack at work quite a while ago.

My mum said that one thing that motivates her to go to the gym, is a friend. A friend that goes ‘Common… It’s only for a few hours’, and stuff like that.

Gym is for workout? I thought it was just for fish’n chicks.

Seriously now, I used to worked a lot, but I got lazy.
I’m still in good shape though.
My workout routine was pretty complex. In general it was:

Not too many weights
A lot of aerobic exercises
Low-fat food

i dont think i ever have been to a gym. but hey, i eat healthy and go out for walks so im ok :slight_smile:

I run between 8 and 12 miles every day, i then go to work and teach PE from 9am to 5pm, then work out in the gym for 30 mins before going home. I do sprint training once a week and dance in a club 3 nights per week.

You know what they say, healthy body, healthy mind :bigsmile:
Or perhaps i’m just a fanatic :eek:

an example to all of us,:bow:
i prefer stay in sofa or go to the beach.
running , no thanks

The beach is cool :bigsmile: Try running from the sofa to the beach and you should be fine :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in my hometown, there was this old codger (about 60ish) which would swim 12 Miles :eek: down the river every morning, get dressed and off to work. Then swim the same back up every night!

That’s 20KM’s for the Metric people that don’t understand imperial measurements (like anyone does :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Guy was skinny as a rake, smooth skin, but strong as an OX :iagree:

But hey! Vertical jogging is the best workout you can get, besides having a good belly laugh at something amusing :wink:

who was this 60 year old cogder who swam to work? :bigsmile:

Just some bloke my dad knew called Roger. His boat motor broke down one day, so he decided to swim the way down, easier than rowing. Being the good ole days (the 1970’s) he was too broke to get the motor fixed :stuck_out_tongue: and he didn’t mind the swim anyway. I guess he just got used to it. :stuck_out_tongue: