Who else price matches like Staples?

I usually go to Staples for the 110% price match when Sony DVD+R’s (TYs) go on sale at Best Buy. This week, though, the sale is at Staples ($15 for 50 DVD+R’s). So, where else can I go to get a 100% price match? Thanks! :bow:

Circuit City. There are two of them around my area. one of them will do anything to avoid giving you a pricematch while the other just call up the store with the on sale media to make sure they have it in stock and give you 110%.

Uh, how about BestBuy ?

But, if a 100% price match is all you are going to achieve, why not just buy them at Staples ? Personally, I would pay 10% more to avoid the jerks at BestBuy and their attitudes regarding price matching scam.

Just my 2 pennies…

Thanks for the tip on Circuit City. Do they stock Sony DVD+R’s?

I also found that Office Max has a 115% price match, but I’m pretty sure they don’t stock Sony media.

As for Best Buy, their web site sounds like they only do a 100% price match. Of course, if I wanted that, I’d just buy at Staples.

Office Max gives the price 115% only if when the competator is an office supply store and match the price if the competator is not an office supply store. For Best Buy, to get 110% beat the price, you have to ask them to beat the price otherwise they just match the competator price. Circuit City is an easy one since they are the first one beating the competator price.

Ya I don’t even bother price matching anymore. The employees, for some god unknown reason, feel like they are getting scammed. They really need a life besides working at best buy, because for some crazy belief it seems like THEY are losing money and maltreat you.

This one time this crazy fat black lady REFUSED to pricematch me at best buy when there was some insane sale going on at circuit city and I wanted to punch her so bad. I was just like, “yo wheres ur manager”. God, I look back and wish I would have just punched her in the dome. The manager of course apologized and chewed her out but w/e its such a joke :o

BUT YA… anyway, why dont u just get them at staples if its 100% pricematch :o?

I have not seen any TY Sony’s at Staples for a while, that’s the only reason i went to CC to get the price match. All of Staples’ Sony have been 16x MIJ but with the round spacer.

Most stores will price match a legit local regular or sales price.

The reason we are using staples so much is the $10 off $30 and $40 coupons, as well as the $3 off cartridges!

The $10 off $30 purchase is valid nationwide, but I haven’t found one that stated for California. Most of them has city specific stated on it so I am worry that they wont accept it. I know it is valid if they scan it. I am going to wait for a California coupon pops up, then that make those Sony a super deal

Okay, Best Buy’s price match policy is friggin’ retarded. They will give you a 110% price match only on a previously purchased item. I asked the manager “So if I go to the registers, buy these DVDs, then bring the Staples ad and receipt back to customer service, THEN they’ll give me the 110% match?” The manager said yes, they only will price match (not beat it) at the time of sale. I asked to see the policy in writing, and that is really how it works. Needless to say, I’ll be going to Staples in the future. What a stupid system!

I’ve yet to find in the last 20 years, ANY (and all) retailer that won’t price match. Even at a sale price, they make $, no matter what they claim.

Wal-Mart also price matches (100% I think) I always grab my Sony/Ty’s there when they go on sale and Staples is out :smiley:

I’ve also gone there and had them price match all my groceries and I saved $68!!! Sure it upset the cashier but $68 is $68 (the ttl. before price match was $180!!) so the dirty looks and bad additude were worth it.

Wal-Mart also price matches …
I’ve also gone there and had them price match all my groceries and I saved $68!!! Sure it upset the cashier but $68 is $68 (the ttl. before price match was $180!!)
Feed seven kids, buy my grocers at Wal-Mart. What store do you “price match” against that beats Wal-mart by 38% savings? … Hope that store is in my area!! :iagree:

I use the weekly sales from Albertsons, Smiths (King Soopers), Raleys and John Brooks. MOST of the savings are on meat (John Brooks had Pork Chops on sale for $.99/LB VS. Wal-Marts 2.99/lb and Smiths had GM cereal 10 boxes for $10 vs. 2.99-3.99/box) so it’s a lot of mixing and matching of the ads - the reason they get so upset is that they have to price match EACH item as they scan them. - BUT it sue does beat using all the gas to drive to 4 different stores!

Walmarts often not that cheap anymore. Prices are diffrent at diffrent stores and they tend to charge as much as they can get away with, especailly on small inexpensive items that people tend to not price compare on. Rural stores with no competition tend to be a lot higher and even here in the Dallas area, prices seem to have gone up quite a bit since they closed all the kmarts. Grocery stores here seem to have a lot of advertized loss leeder items here too. I think I have saved as much 50% off grocery shopping there before (all items from other peoples ads). You would not believe the dirty looks a cashier can give you when you have a full grocery cart and every single item is a price match (and you have to sit there searching through a stack of ads to find each price, lol). I havent done that too often though as it is kind of a hassle for me too.
It gets really fun when you have to keep having a manager called over cause the cashier is a dumb shit. Most of their fresh butcher block meat has brands on it like all the pork is tyson, so sometimes they fight you a little ofver price matching store brand. It can take a little bitchsing to convince some people, hellow, this is your store brand!!!

Thanks guys for the WallyWorld (Wal-Mart) info. We hit WallyWorld about twice a month spending about $250 each visit (we shop with 2x carts). With family size, have become a wise shopper (can compare / convert to equal unit of measure of two items faster than saying “ah, we buy this one”). WallyWorld generally is not the best fresh meat source, but 3 weeks ago did pick up whole smoke hams for $.96/pound … took the last 3 they had. Normal rule of thumb, if a local store has it on sale, “loss leaders” it beats WallyWorld. Just picked up 20 pounds of Bacon for $1.00/pound from a local store. I keep a eye on local store flyer’s, catch the deal when I’m passing by for other reasons (work / errands / moving kids)… then buy a big supply. We all know the drill, I’ve got 189x TY02’s sitting here, but I can pickup this really good deal here today.:iagree:
Thank God for 2 freezers and and over size refrigerator (for my food, not DVD’s :disagree: ). Again guys, thanks for the heads-up price matching at Wal-Mart, I’m sure I’ll take advantage of it. They are a Super-Store, so they have a lot of other things I need … camera’s, DVD players, TV’s … will make them honest.