Who else is in favor of the RIAA lawsuits?!

I know I am!

But why you may ask. The reason being until now the “good fight” has been fought by us, the geeks of the world; we’re in on all the latest news via CDFreaks and Slashdot. We know when bad shit is coming down.

But now the RIAA’s lawsuit campaign is threatening everyone, from people like you and me, to people like my grandmother who I recently taught to use KaZaA so she could get some Frank Sinatra songs and who doesn’t know how to disable file sharing.

So when the RIAA starts plastering every day people for the absolutely ridiculous price of $150,000, I think more and more people are going to realize exactly what’s going on. And the more people that hear about it the more that complain to their congressman, and its going to take a whole lot of bribes to silence all of those complaints.

Well they are getting quite some publicity when acting this way. And indeed, that’s good, as publicity is THE way to reach the masses.

I hope people will realise what’s going on and stand up for their rights as customers…