Who do you want to win the us election?

blarg!, everybody take part, not just people from the us :slight_smile:

This is US people problem, only they should choose,
but at same time i dont like ignorant people :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m curious, if you were a US citizen who would you vote for?

but what the US people vote we will see later on every tv-channel world-wide…

so it would be better to let everybody vote here to see what it would look like if NOT only the US citizens vote…

Problem is, a lot of people will vote anyone but George.

Not saying that is the right thing to do, not saying it is the wrong thing to do.
I know too little about US politics to have a real opinion on this…(political discussions in this forum often end up in a closed topic, another reason not to have an opinion on this :wink: )

There are some discussions going on here.


so true :iagree:

Problem is, a lot of people will vote anyone but George

wouldn’t that be the right choice?!? :wink:

ohhh, to be in a state where my presidential vote mattered :stuck_out_tongue:

They all have three names. I have three names, too, in Chinese.

When are Bill Gates and Michael Dell going to be US presidents?

never. its me, bush, or kerry :stuck_out_tongue:

Vote Benedict!

I never vote. Matter of principal, you can choose only between two candidates.
It is like being forced to get married and restricted to choosing from only two women :bigsmile:

yay! im winning :bigsmile:

Perhaps divorcing is easier than impeaching a president.

I respect the right not to vote. I also believe such a right should be respected by the law and by the administration.

I voted once in 1997. For DJ.

i respect peoples right not to vote, but i think those who dont vote havnt got any right to complain when there goverment does something they dont like.

i cant vote for anbouther 4 years :frowning:


ben :slight_smile:

Statisistically, most US marriages last only 2.5-3yrs. The US president is voted in for 4 yrs! So just think of the remaining year as the year everyone smashes the plates :wink:

In Australia, voting is compulsory. Everyone votes, the country gets the least objectionable parliament.

In the US, voting is optional. Only fanatics vote (apparently) meaning that the result is a bunch of self obsessed emotional goits with the loosest grip on reality, that can’t think straight, elect the government.

Nuff said.

when will we know the results of the us election?

After the results in Ohio, Ben. Soon.