Who do you believe?



To prevent us from being accused to give one-side information, some more information about rembours, this time provided by a Dutch dealer:

This dealer says that there is no single bank that will give data because the Dutch laws don't tolerate it. He also says that it will cost them a lot of trouble to get evidence this way and that this only happens to drug dealers etc. He also says that he loses about 10 till 15 % of his packages.

Again, do with this information what you like, if there is anything we can do to prevent you from getting caught then we can at least post this information.

What do you believe, this dealer or the anonymous source that works for the bank ? The man with experiences or the man that hears things ? Let us know and give your opinion on our forum !


In my experiences, I was once ripped by the postie. the envelope arrived at my house but it was opedned and the cd’s were gonethe only thing left was the Blade-Nike-just do it


2 times they stole 5 guilders from an envelop, which I received.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>2 times they stole 5 guilders from an envelop, which I received.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

If people would only send paper money, the mailman doesn’t feel that there’s money in it, and sometimes the coins fall out of the enveloppes…
But I think that sometimes the mailman does rip some money out of some enveloppes…

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I’m sure the mailman ripped it, because the envelop wasn’t close anmore.


I don’t think that any postman will open envelopes because what’s to gain and what’s to lose.
To gain is a small amount of money and to lose is his job and he faces a lawsuite for inbasselement(stealing).
If you are faced with an openned envelope you complain at the postal service and they know who delivered your mail,so the possebility he will be cought is very great.
I’am aware of the stories that are told by these guys and i don’t believe them because it’s always our money that isn’t arriving and they can’t prove it has been stolen by the postal service they only say so and we don’t get the cd’s.If it is stolen from them why it’s only the money and not the cd’s they send.The cd’s go through the same hands as the money!!!.
I rest my case.



Usually the coins are beiing ripped form the enveloppe by the machine that sorts the enveloppes… If you want to accuse the mailman, accuse the mailman that delivers om saturday… eg. then all the studentes etc… do the delivery.

And as for the Bank and the law… If the government wants to know all about your info they will get it. If not from you then they go to the court or police judge and get all the info from the bank.


I also think thast most times coins are missing because the sorting machine tosses it around so much that the envelope rips and coins fall out. It would be a good idea to send only paper money.
I for me think that you can safely transfer money to a bankaccount. I dont think they’re interested in small amounts. It is ofcourse different if you plan to sell hundreds of CDs like that.



Just stick the coin to a paper with some tape, so you are sure that the sorting machines couldn’t have done it, when the coin has been dropped out of the envelope.

Geld maakt niet gelukkig, maar helemaal geen geld maakt zeker niet gelukkig!!!


Well Iam from Germany and the best way to make a deal is, to put two letters into a letterpaper , so that the mailman can´t see
what is inside the mail. To send coils is a greater risk, because the mailmachine often destroys letters when the coins obstract the mail traffic. The best way is to send paper money an no Adress onto the Mail.The Bank is a greater risk, because the Police can watch your Konto with only a little suspicion. Another sure way is to send the money with a insurance policy that gives you the possibility to get 1000 DM if the mail gets ripped or destroyed.


In the USA we have a saying. Ever hear of “Going Postal”


a koppel of days ago i have send somebody 5O gulders, and he says that the envelop was empty!

i have put the envelop in an other envelop, so you can’t see that there was money in the envelop, it was completely impossible.

i truste the person who i have sending the money so the mailman rippid it!!..