Who did an April Fool's prank?



Tell us if you know of any April Fool’s prank (from this year, others can be mentioned).

For me:

Me and my friend skipped first two periods of class, and went to the supermarket and bought a can of meat stew, some zip-lock bags, and a bottle of Fanta (we were thirsty :p)

We went back to school at recess, then he told everybody he was feeling ‘sick’. Then, when nobody was looking, he went behind the tree and ‘threw up’ and that’s when everyone looked. He came back with ‘vomit’ (a mix of stew and Fanta) in his hand that he didn’t know was there (he did :p).

Everybody saw it and just backs off, but I went up to him and picked up a chunk of meat and ate it, supposedly thinking it was Subway :slight_smile:

Needless to say, everybody felt sick, and it spread around the school in minutes. We eventually told everybody it was a prank at the next break (lunch), which was a few hours after this happened.

What a great prank :slight_smile:


This is from last year:

I shoot corporate videos and documentaries with my assistant and last year, I made up a fake contract and left it on his desk. When he came to work, I asked him, if he had taken care of today’s filming. He was unaware of the project and I pointed him to the contract and he was shocked. I started telling him about the legal consequences and stuff like that. :cop: He was shocked and not to mention, scard :bigsmile:


april what? joking…nah…all i did was go to uni today…boring stuff


Haha good some good ones here :slight_smile:

I guess my boss will be pulling some jokes today (he’s the joking kind of boss), but as I won’t be working I won’t know until tomorrow.

Haven’t done any prank myself yet… although I still have about 8 hours to find a way to play a prank on my gf… :slight_smile:


Last year i convinced the company that Dell doesn’t ship black colored keyboard and mice anymore, only blue ones. They all fell for it.

For this year, i just mailed my prank. If all goes well i will have another victory :slight_smile:



Well, only one person fell for it this year. My team leader.

We needed a new MO drive in our portfolio, so i offered to help him and came up with the following mo drive:

Model name DynaMO 2310U2
Storage Capacity by Disk 2.3GB 1.3GB 640MB 540MB 230MB 128MB 64KB
Data Transfer Rate (max.) 4.69 - 8.38 MB/s3.92 - 6.7 MB/s3.52 - 5.87 MB/s3.54 - 5.94 MB/s2.0 - 3.16 MB/s1.65 MB/s
Random Seek Time 19 ms
Average Latency Time 8.2 ms - 5.5 ms
Rotational Speed 3,637 RPM 5,455 RPM
Interface USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
Buffer size 8 MB
Requirement 15 W or less
Power Supply A 3.6 V internal lithium-ion battery pack offers relatively high voltage, which means that less cells are needed. Typically this type of cell offers more than 500 cycles.
(W x D x H) 122.3 mm x 162.2 mm x 34.1 mm
Weight 1930 g or less

Too bad only one person fell for it. Never heard from any of the others.


Haha, nice one :wink:


I had one played on me.
A kid from class put a plastic shit on my chair :eek:
It looked pretty damn real. :o


Hahahahah!! Damn. Wish I thought of that. Or supergluing all the teachers stuff to the desk :wink:


In my time we put real shit in the teachers chair



I assume you’ve jotted “Garbage Collector” on his job advice leaflet now ? :slight_smile:


Apple founder Jobs joins IKEA

IKEA’s flatpack days may soon be a distant memory, as Apple and Pixar founder Steve Jobs turns to his latest challenge. Inter IKEA Systems BV will employ Jobs as “acting CEO”, from next month. The technology icon will maintain his twin CEO roles at Apple Computer Inc. and Pixar Inc. but will also take command with a wide-ranging brief at the retail giant. For the technology guru, it’s just another job, but for the Swedish furnishing franchise, it’s a massive gamble. IKEA had a turnover of €13 billion last year, and has over 200 stores worldwide.


I might just do that once he recovers consciousness :bigsmile:


think i was one been working so hard only just realised it was april


My wife hates april fools day! When she was in high school, she came home to find her father trapped between his seat and the garage door. He has a convertible hot rod (T-Bucket). He was working on it and slid over in the passenger seat, when it slipped into gear and busted through the garage door. Only the 2 bottom sections of the garage door broke and his body was trapped between the upper garage door and the seat.

He passed out from the pressure. Luckily she got home very shortly afterwards and rescued him. The Ambulance came and took him to the hospital. She called various relatives (including her mother) but, nobody would believe her. Finally, after a doctor got on the phone her mother reluctantly called the hospital and verified the story. To this day, she will not even go to work on april fools day.

Any other stories?


There is already a thread with April pranks. or something.


Sorry…been away for awhile. I forgot to search. “Slaps myself on the wrist”


Well it doesn’t matter. This one’s better.


I outgrew April fools 20 years ago.


i wish i understood the joke