Who designed the front page?



Can you take care of the top banner preventing from selecting the pull down menu?

This is an amaturistic design. The problem has been there for a while and it was very annoying. I am sometimes hesitant to come here just because of that. Just fix it. Unbelievable…Oh Dear~ :confused:


Altough during design the menu worked great with all the people who tested it and it still works fine for them there seems to be a great amount of people who have problems with the menu. As we have a lack of developers at the moment we are not able to fix this easily.

While not the best option there are other ways to reach the options in the menu. You can reach the forum by clicking the bold link in the forum tracker (bottom left of the frontpage), same goes for articles and reviews.

News submit: http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/submit
Mailing list: http://migrate.cdfreaks.com/mail/mail.php
Preferences: http://migrate.cdfreaks.com/my/preferences/

If you often visit our website I can hardly imagine you need more links to these pages, but if so please post it here and we’ll post the appropiate link. Altough this is not the best solution and fixing the menu is, this is the best we can do at the moment.


The one I personally use the most is the Reviews section: