Who can help me in copying SoftGuard 3.5?

Ive got a Dictionary that when you want to take a backup from the cd it takes it without any problem but when you install it, it asks you enter the cdkey but after entering the cdkey it says either the cdrom is noy able to read the cdkey from the cd or the cdkey is not correct.theres not any lock on the cd,even it doesnt have any extra track.and it just accepts the CDkey when you put the cd in the CDWriter.in the installed folder there`s a dll file which is protected by SoftGuard v3.5.
Is it possible to take a backup from this cd.The CD is " Farhang 2005" from Novin Company.
Thanks in advance

for God sake Please help me!!!
I extremely need this CD,so guide me .it doesnt matter if its related or not???

What software have you used to backup the cd?

Most CD’s these days are protected by various copy protection schemes, dragging & dropping files from one cd to a new CD compilation hasn’t worked for at least 6 years now :wink: Some schemes even go so far as altering the length of lands & pits (aka the data density) to make copying impossible (it’s not though).

Try using CloneCD, Alcohol or blindwrite to extract & then write the CD :slight_smile:

Scan the disc and, if necessary the installation directory with A-Ray scanner and let us know the results.

It would also help if you told us whether or not the original cd works on your system and what reader/s and writer/s you have,

The original CD works currectly on my system but unfortunately when I want to run the dictionary itll the lock on the cd. My CDrom is asus and my writer is plextor.Ive tried clone CD and all other applications and the cd will be wrote without any problem but it wont work.