Who can explain me this?



Was nagging around when i saw this on irc:


I already asked it, but could someone explain me this? Telenet is the only Cable provider in belgium. In the netherlands i know there’s a Chello.NL cable provider…But Chello.BE???
Never heard of that one…

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wel I just typed in www.chello.be and guess what?

Also in Belgium…expanding fast don’t they?




yeah checked the site…and what i think about it? Well looks like CHello.BE suxx as much dick as Chello.NL!

You pay more, get disconnects all the time and a speed of 7k is not that unusual!

I’ll stick to this damn bitch, till they come up with somethin better. Won’t be soon!..

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Maybe you should ask if they put you on a differant comcontroller. It worked for me.

THey put tot many people one comcontroller the suckers.



Worden er nu ook al mensen in belgie afgezet


Well, don’t need no new comcontroller as i’m pleased with the speed i have, its just that damn limit! I can only give away all my stuff to ppl of my own ISP as they can up and down unlimited, while i’d like to put up my multi-youknowhat ftp to any nice guys around. Damn i hate beeing restricted

Yeah i know…we’ll never get satisfied a 100% anyway

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Geef mij maar @home :slight_smile: