Who are you? What are you like in the real world?

Since the big post-your-own-picture thread, I guess a lot of cyber-attentions are on some of the CDFreaks members at least. I’ve met literally thousands of people whom I met on online forums first. It was easy for me because of geography just as it is easy for me to have 12MB/s connection for about US$20 per month.

Describe yourself here.

Me: silent, cold-blooded, boring, never good at games, unkind to women, loving babies, frowning on luxury, harsh on people who harm others, eating very little and very few times, never had too much fat, always glasses on, and so on.

I’m a bad mothafucka

See here.

I’m quiet and forever preoccupied with something, which some people interpret as being disinterested. I’m anal retentive (comes with the territory when you’re an engineer :p) and a control freak. I often immediately edit posts because I decide I don’t like the way something I just wrote looks.

I am obsessed with music and spend 16 hours a day listening to it or writing it, but every time I record a demo mix set I immediately get the shits with it because it’s not perfect. Yet I won’t record it in Ableton to make it perfect, it has to be mixed live.

Because I’m a control freak, I push myself to the absolute limit. In the past I would take drugs almost to the point of losing control, just so I can reel myself in and take control again.

But overall I’m generally a nice guy. I don’t hold grudges or ever become violent. I love women (as in I revere them) and animals, particularly felines. I am vegetarian, eating meat makes me violently ill.

I am 14, I am either silly and hyper, or very serious, never in between, and my mood changes rapidly. I tend to be very self motivated, nobody else can make me do something but me. I tend to steer clear of fights and arguments, so sometimes I can be a pushover, depending again on my mood. I am also vegetarian, and I don’t have a girlfriend.

I am pretty much like I am in the forum.

Ben :slight_smile:

I have a hard time describing myself. I’m always depressed and always happy, at once. About about everything in my life I have mixed feelings. I enjoy about everything, but nothing’s perfect, there’s nothing I am absolutely happy with. I find life worth living though.

I’m addicted to music. I like art in general, but music is by far the most important thing. My music plays about as much as I am awake.

For hobbies I have music, photography, technology (especially computers), movies and going out. I hardly go out though, as there aren’t any good bars for me here and even less parties.

Things in life I value the most are love, friendship and happiness. I have a gf who loves me, I have some very very good friends but happiness has to wait (once more, it’s not that I am depressed, but I’m not happy either). From these things, I think that love and friendship are the most important to me.

I think I’m quite a kind person; I like to help people out, without making money on them. I like people to be kind to me as well. IRL I don’t talk to too many people (because I can’t stand lots of them), at least, sponteanous. At my job (studentjob as salesman) I chitchat with everybody on every subject. If I want to, I can bullshit your ears of for hours. Usually I am silent though. I only speak lots with people I really value and that can respect me. I need that respect, as my opinion tends to differ from the crows (no I’m not an anti-social).

I love darkness. Darkness in music, darkness in thoughts, darkness in art… darkness everywhere. I even would call my daughter “Darkangel” ;). Most people find that strange, as darkness doesn’t project hapiness. No it doesn’t… so it fits me well. Just like my clothes; I hardly have any other colors than black. I wear bandshirts, goth-punk stuff (for parties) and funshirts, but absolutely no fashion, never ever. I really melt for girls that dress like that. Like Tarja Turunen for example :slight_smile:

I kinda hate the modern society: everything is done and created for the masses, making people stupid and numb. I can’t stand that… people don’t think anymore, because they don’t need to. They get told (by the media, government or just their friends) what to do and they comply… because that is easy. I can’t stand that, so I hardly watch any TV.

I’m always busy. Never have time for anything and especially myself. I know that is a bad thing; I have a gazillion things to do and I never come to it. My study is keeping me quite busy, but I can’t refrain from taking all kinds of jobs.

Some people consider me to be a goth. I don’t agree on that, though I like that culture quite a lot. I know some goth people and amonst them I feel at home. That’s a reason for other people to disrespect because everybody knows that goth ppl are sicko’s.

Although I live in the Netherlands, I’m dreaming of moving to Canada. I feel my roots are there (have lots of family there and I was made in Canada). I like people to like me and I like people that like me. Not those persons that like me because I can fix their computers… no, only persons that like me because of who I am. Do I like myself? No I sometimes hate myself for all the stupid mistakes I make/made. Somehow I manage to make more and more stupid choices all over again. I’m used to it though.

I love humor. Especially sarcastic and stupid humor. So that’s Matt Groening & Trey Parker humor and of course, Monthy Python humor.

Oh btw… I really love animals. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters… they are great.

Well euh I stop nagging you with this nonsense… could go on for hours I think. Maybe I’ll update this later, got some more studying to do… I guess that everybody finds me a strange person now… :slight_smile:

Well the only diffo between me and a rotwieller is that i wear lipstick;)
nah jsut kidding im shy :o im always saying sorry, i a great mulit tasker, and im kind and fun loving too :smiley:

What you see it what you get basically. I’m very emotional, I don’t hide my feelings well, if I’m down its very obvious, if I’m happy I’m on cloud nine, despite this I’m fairly level headed. (most of the time)
I guess I’m a bit of a flirt and a tease, but only when it’s safe to do so. If my hubby is with me I’ll flirt a bit, but its all in fun.

I don’t have a great deal of speech after a head injury some years ago. Now it’s more of a confidence thing. If I’m in a crowd I’m very quiet and I’m very conscious of how I’m pronouncing my words, I then become tongue tied. If I’m confident in what I’m talking about or doing, I can get by quite well.

I think I have a good sense of humour, very little upsets me if it’s said in fun. I’m quite broad minded and pretty hard to shock.

Hubby and my daughter always come first, not necessarily in that order though. I always make time for them, I try to make time for everyone else but, usually I fail miserably in that.
I’m very house proud, I like everything to be just so. I hate dirty dishes or clothes lying around.

Music and my guitars, dancing, reading and my PC of course. Keeping fit is a must for me; I run daily and couldn’t face a day without a good workout first. cdfreaks comes pretty high on my list as well.

People being cruel to other people, people being cruel to animals. Racist or religious bigotry.

All in all, I’m pretty much the same online and off. As I said, what you see is what you get.

Like Mary Poppins; practically perfect in every way! :bigsmile:

I am a completely different person online than I am in real life :iagree: If I ever post a picture you would think and say…NO FUCK’N WAY :eek:

I can’t pin point who I am since I have been through so many changes (no not puberty) but I can say I am more forgiving now than I have ever been.

I love music and my hobbie is spinning vinyl and collecting Spawn figures, although I don’t get a chance to spinn much (by my self) any more i teach my kids how to.

I am a sponge for computer information but not enough money to test hardware.
I am a Capricorn so thats pretty much nough said :bigsmile:

Also I am not affraid to admit im wrong, although if you are wrong and we argue I seem to be the one apologizing :o

I think I am much like Dee-ehn to a great extent. Music is my life, I can live without TV, I have cable but never watch the 100+ channels, what a waste.

Although somehow I wanna live in Australia for a year or so, dunno why really.

Who am I? Such a loaded question for starters I am a woman…that should be enough said. But I’ll do my best to further expound on that. I’ve always been the peacemaker I just hate confrontations. I try to help find an amicable answer.

I come on strong online but actually in person I’m a timid little girl. I have a great big fear of rejection. And I always feel I’m just not quite good enough.

I work out 4 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. In that quest for the picture perfect person of health; although quite the opposite is more accurate. I’ve had major health problems that were not in my control that I had to face. The price of overcoming left me unable to have children.(that’s more of that …not good enough feeling)

I tend to fall in love very easy and have a hard time getting over the loss of a boyfriend/lover. Most of my friends have been / are marred some for the second or third time. I feel I’m cautious when I get into a serious relationship. And stay on guard for something to go wrong. That way I think I have prepared myself for the worse case scenario.

I have a dog who I s always there for me….nothing beats a bad day at work than to walk in …and see her sitting there with her tail wagging….just like saying I couldn’t wait for you to get home…

Things I enjoy doing…I love to sit at the piano. and just play for hours on end.-something I’ve not done as of lately. I can’t wait till summer I have a motorcycle and I just love jumping on and going for a long ride…just me and my bike…out in the open…
I do like to shop…. and yes I am a very chatty person.(like you didn’t know) I love talking to people from different religious beliefs …cultures…and learn something from each.

the Biggest thing I don’t like…is my fear of rejection……I don’t like people who can break a person’s heart and then just walk away ….just as if nothing happened…

I think, reading Dee-EhnD’s post :wink: I can relate to that, more than any other person that I know.

I am usually depressed. I don’t like people that say “It’ll be OK”, because it usually isn’t. I like reality, but hate it entirely at the same time. Things like poverty, religion, war don’t concern me. I don’t stop to think about it. I should, but I don’t. I like darkness, just as Dee-EhnD does. Darkness is my ‘light’. I think a lot. Too much, in fact. Like things about, suicide, fantasizing about beating the crap out of people that don’t like me. I’m a quiet person, and don’t have much self-confidence. If a person doesn’t like me, I hate them talking behind my back.

My music, is my life. Most of you know what music I listen to. I hate people that talk about it in a bad way, yet love movies like ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Dahmer’ and all other ‘gore’ movies. My music, black metal, speaks things that modern society don’t want to bring to the surface of conversation. The churches, and politics, work together to filter these things out from the work drones and smart ass kids of the world.

You watch TV and things are pushed in your face. Things like advertising, happy kids that love thier cereal, shows about teenagers that love for the sake of loving. I hate things like that, and that’s why I steer clear of TV. Reality shows, I really don’t like. Who wants to watch someone eat thier breakfast in the morning? Or things like Jerry Springer, I don’t wanna see midgets that can dress up as babies and have sex with 5 men in half an hour.

I respect women entirely. I put women before me. Though, I hate women that play men. They trick you into thinking they like you. Or they lie about lots of things. Lately I have stopped thinking about women though. For various reasons. I don’t like going up to girls that I don’t know and sparking a conversation with them, because of my low self-confidence.

I don’t care for many people, and the people I care for don’t always seem like they care for me. I don’t like strangers, and tend to keep away from crowds, unless they have something in common with me, concerts for example. I find gothic culture interesting, as well as things that are considered wierd, gross, or digusting. I like reading up on those type of things. Necrophilia, death, medieval war and music are some examples.

I don’t believe in racism (though I don’t like people that have things against the white community), religion, peace.

I don’t like recieving compliments. It makes me seem uncomfortable, and most of the time it just seems like they’re saying it to make me feel better.

I like dogs. Dislike cats. They’re ok, but don’t do anything.

I like computer games, computers, people that like me for who I am, girls that like me, guys that don’t say stuff behind my back, blades (swords, daggers etc.), music, money, food, drawing (realistic, not too good at cartoons), movies that I can relate to (Fight Club, Human Traffic), receiving mail/email on a personal level - rather than ‘here is your prize’ or ‘your password here’.

I’m sure I’ve bored you enough with my negativity :slight_smile: I’m sure you will think differently about me. Please ask questions if you wish.

Who am i??..a Male species residing in Sunny Singapore ( …where is that you might ask?..not part of China…Taiwan…Malaysia…) i have lurked this planet since the early 1973s…and now am living 16 storeys above ground…:D:D

I do cardio 7 days a week…about 20 mins…and crunches two sets of 40s… i try to maintain as healty a lifestyle as i can…i dun smoke…social drinker…dun drink beer…only corgnac or wine will do fine for me…i keep a low carbo intake to reduce those ugly fats then seem impossible to disappear when i was 20ish…

Have a loving family and kid…either one gets all my attention…

i have a pair of German Sheperds…but not staying in my tiny 16 storey apartment…they are as playful as hell…they are still with my parents on their estate property…never like cats…they do nothing but meow…

Things i like doing…going out…with my son…seeing him walk and tok gibbrish words…lol…me and wife loves travelling…and want to visit Europe one of these yrs…Have Been to Japan , Korea… Thailand…Malaysia…Australia( hell i spent 3 yrs there )…would not mind going to japan again to see cherry blossom…

My motto …: play as hard as you can today…dun worry about tomorrow for you will not know what tomorrow is…

I did some things to cause some chickens and cats to die too early. :sad: :sad:

LOL Kenshin, there goes your shot at having an affair with Dee :wink:

bump this…come on people…who are you ?

I can never decide how much about myself I want to have sitting out in the open for all eternity in a public forum. Chat is safe; nobody’s going to Google it up 10 years down the line, but forums are not (hence my removing my photo from the photo thread). Call me paranoid (that I have hacked firmwares contributes to that). Anyway, I ramble too much, so here’s a brief sketch.

Male. Currently in undergraduate studies, shooting for a degree in computer science and economics. I want to eventually teach either CS or econ in college or at the AP level in high school one of these days: not a lot of money involved in teaching (compared to what most other people would do with CS/econ degrees), but it’s what feels right in my heart.

Politically moderate (I’ve been called conservative by California liberals and liberal by Kansas conservatives). Fairly shy, both offline and online. A bit of a perfectionist (I guess the result of being too self-conscious about and afraid of my various inadequacies and flaws). I try to be funny, but it doesn’t always work as well as I’d like.

I guess you could tell a lot about a person by their “favorites”… so here we go…

  • Favorite magazine: The National Geographic (close runner-up is Scientific American)
  • Favorite music: Broadway showtunes, classical (Romantic-era) music, and folk music (esp. American folk fiddle music)
  • TV Habits: Star Trek (TNG, DS9 are my favorites), The Simpsons, Futurama, Jeopardy!, Nova (PBS), and Frontline (PBS)
  • Favorite computer games: Strategy games. Civilization, Stars!, Star/Warcraft, SimCity, etc.
  • Favorite author: Alan Dershowitz (brilliant civil liberties advocate; not a leftist, but more of a moderate libertarian bent)
  • Favorite hobbies: playing bridge (the card game), this forum, travel (love nature travel and cultural exploration travel… and photographing my travels)

Dislikes: Clothes shopping, coffee, girls with too much makeup, piercings (other than 2 in the ears), tatoos, implants, etc. (natural is beautiful), reality shows, most game shows (except for Jeopardy!), rap (or any other “music” that lacks melody), tobacco, alcohol (except for dessert wines ;)), bigotry/ignorance, political extremism (by all parties)

And in a relationship, commitment is the most important thing to me. It’s important to have someone who will stand by despite bumps in the road, mistakes, etc., and who will be loyal. As a psychologist would say, “unconditional positive regard.” I’ve been hurt before by someone who would lash out and bolt away when I make mistakes even though I forgive and stand by when it was her turn to make mistakes.

I am meatertarian, eating vegetables makes me violently ill.

I’m easy going, but love the occasional $hit stirring … just for the hell of it.
I’m pretty playful, even if people sometimes don’t realise it … I guess it’s part of that.

I’m seriously into PC’s mostly gaming, with friends when possible … PC hardware & software used to be of great interest to me, but it’s somewhat waned when I realised there’s not much point spending so much time preparing something for use, when you never actually use it :wink:
(Read: I couldn’t be bothered with linux)

I’m a bit of a wallflower at parties…

hmmmmm… you people are sooooo snow white heheheheheh J/K

I guess my bio was too short :bigsmile:

ok I hate fake people, and like real peeps guess that must be the other choice.
I drive fast it’s like a drug for me, and i hate whaen i miss a cop somewere and just blow by him at a 120+mph coz they like to take you to jail for that:bigsmile:

I work out monday through friday alternate days between weights and cardio, boxing etc.

I grew up in a rough place so i’m a rough neck, went to prison for being a knuckle head at 17 got out at 21 and finally woke up. Then went to college got degree a good job now i’m 30 and still a knuckle head :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I’m not a violent person even thought people like to portray me as one,
yeah i like guns and shit but fukit that’s me. My right arm is the hammer in a fight it is advised to stay clear of it :bigsmile:

I like my friends and i always have their back no matter what, sometimes i can get so hyped that i’d put my life up for a friend i don’t know if that’s good or bad coz when i see red i see red :iagree: :bigsmile:

I like CDF coz cool peeps are here, sometimes i play PC and PS2 games coz i get bored coz party got cancelled or club sucked :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
I love music got like a whole 80 Gig drive filled with it and more can’t stop i need help wahahaha muahahaha j/k

ok enough of my jibba jabba duce at ya