Who are these people?



Who are these people?


other than charging way more, it appears to be the exact same product sold by some company out of China.


They also offer what appears to be a lifetime update policy as Elby/Slysoft only issues a year license. However they make no mention of such an offer for future versions (above version 3).


Dont know, but there version has the ripper built in??


For $100 USD your getting really cheated. Go with Elby or Slysofts CloneDVD 2 cheaper and much better with great support.


I agree. Not to mention excellant support of the products


I am already a legal user of CloneDVD and AnyDVD. I was just curious how they came to have the same name and what appears to be the same product. I’ve been using Elby/Slysoft stuff for a over year now and have no complaints. I won’t be jumping ship from products that I work fine.


They don’t have sheep! :bigsmile: (Beat Olli to the punch! hehehe!)


that’s too baaaaaaad!! for them!!