Who are the members of Airheads Secret Society!

We first discovered this secret sect on the 27th of July, 2005. The leader has been a member since Feb 2002, and his whereabouts are currently unknown, but is supected to be Sweden.

Find below a recent speech , where the leader of the cranial underwear clad zealots attempt to waylay authorities with a false statement, understating their membership number.

At this point in time … we can confirm at least 4 members in Airheads secret society … which wear underwear on their heads.

These zealots should be considered armed and humorous, and if you see any of the following suspects we beg that you pull the underwear down for a reverse wedgie, and then notify the appropriate authorities.

Who are the cranial underwear clad zealots? Can you identify them?

Known and suspected members :

There is no secret society. Move along, nothing to see here.

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excellent edit there Airhead lol

YEAH!!! finally a poll without my name!!!

or am i just so secret …noone knows…and i’m not telling…:smiley:

haha. It can’t be me, i only wear underwear in the winter, and all me undies are safely packed away until Nov :stuck_out_tongue:

I always wondered why I had so much trouble seeing; now I know why. :stuck_out_tongue: ROFL!

I even got a vote??? I must finally be moving up in the world! :iagree: :bigsmile: LOL!

Are you saying underwear shouldn’t be on your head :confused:

/runs and hides for the authorities

You are a confirmed nutter, I mean, zealot…

Refer to the following:

Now you shall DIE…treason in the most rare form…!!! :clap:

Bah Humbug :stuck_out_tongue:

No wondering what little piccy SS has on her knickers … tis clearer than the smile on her face :wink:

if we knew it wouldent be a secret would it :doh:

Aye … but she’s wearing it on her forehead!!!

I am not I had “WELCOME” tattooed on mine

I demand to know which eight!!! other persons at this board also wears underwear on their head!

Err, seven!

hey airhead … there are more and more joining you club … BTW coment for your Avatar “Go Littel Britania” :smiley: … Never had a chance to comment it befor ( yeah right … )

There is no secret society. None. Not one memeber. Nothing. I mean please look but don’t be surprised if something horrible happens to you as these things generally do when nothing is happeneing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Move along, Move along … nothing to see here … yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Move along nothing to see here…ever…period…

I can remember seeing censored censored censored censored censored censored but as i said, that was a while ago and i could have been mistaken. :cool:

Someone needs to edit DEE’s post…for all the CENSORED comments.