Whitney Houston and Santana albums leaked on the net

I just posted the article Whitney Houston and Santana albums leaked on the net.

It seems that the company Arista Records should take a good look at their employees because in one week two albums produced by the company have been leaked on the internet.

The new albums of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4711-Whitney-Houston-and-Santana-albums-leaked-on-the-net.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4711-Whitney-Houston-and-Santana-albums-leaked-on-the-net.html)

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popstar sniff Whitney Houston
Hehe :d

The Web version offers only 10 tracks plus a bonus remix of “Whatchulookinat.” That’s a pretty short album any way you look at it. -> Uhm, where have these guys been living, most albums nowadays have 10,11 or 12 songs. Still, there could have been 100 songs on it, no way I’m going to waste valuable downloadtime on such a popstar :d

:c well I would not count on them losing money. Eminem was leaked and he seems to have still sold a crap load of cd’s still. How about the Elvis 31 hits cd. Platinum already and it was available for download everywhere.

Lets pass round the hat for lost sales, they desperately need the money…:7

"The new albums of popstar sniff Whitney Houston " :4 Hehe, good one! Damn those filthy pirates for taking away her drug money! Let’s hope she will still be able to buy her usual amount of coke/smack/etc. :stuck_out_tongue: People talking all the time 'bout how overrated and crappy Eminem is, but Whitney really sucks the dog’s balls. :r

I still maintain that these companies are releasing the stuff on the net themselves. They know if people download it, they’ll get their sample product to millions of people. Then the CD comes out, it goes platinum and they make millions. Then after they make millions they go back and sue all the people that uploaded the songs, or downloaded the songs, and make even more money. They sit and bitch because the entire enconomy loses 12 billion a year on piracy. Well the economy loses 40 billion a year on tax loop holes used by corporate America but you don’t see that on every web page do you?

Let’s face it - this’ll be another CD with maybe two worth while tracks, one of which will be a cover version, the rest - pieces of monkey shite. Let’s take a vote, who thinks this CDs 12 tracks will be great sounding tunes slickly produced to give the customer good value for his (probably her) money ? Sigh. :4

she got $100 Million for what? Whitney’s music is crap :r I wouldn’t take the cd even if they gave it to me for free. Well we know what she and Bobby will do will the loot :wink:

I think I’m going to have to see if I can find the new Santana album just to hear it before I can get my hands on the CD. That’s one mans music that is worth every penny:p

1st off. to all the haters posting… you need a refresh on the posting guidelines. Quote “Only post on-topic comments. Off-topic stuff can be discussed in our forum.” I’m no Whitney fan by a far stretch, but i atleast keep my music taste to myself …or atleast to the right posting area. ok…now on to the topic. i also agree with, chsbiking, (wow, this dudes smart. 2nd post today i agree with). Everybody claiming leaks to the net by insiders. BS. This is intentional. look what just this leak has done… A topic of whitney houston on a CD-R/DVD new site!!! what more could they want! its simple. MEDIA ATTENTION, no mater what kind, is album sales. Its proven over and over again. And even more proof this was no leak? Listen to the Whatchulookinat Thunderpuss 2002 Club Mix. Totally professionally done, and ur not gonna get a mix like that without artist intervention. the net will be the “movie and game trailers” of music artist. you just watch. peace :wink: