White vs silver inkjet printable

So I bought some 80 min silver thermal TYs a while ago and was very pleased with them, except for one thing: fingerprints.

I figured for my next try at bulk TY ordering, I’d get some inkjet printable ones–it makes sense to me that they wouldn’t really show the fingerprints. Only question is: white or silver inkjet printable. Can anyone that’s had experience with these two types of cdrs give me an idea of what the difference is? FYI: I’m not going to be printing on them with anything other than the usual pens; I just want something that looks good and doesn’t show off prints very well. :smiley:

PS: If anyone has found differences… would love to hear about durability comparisons between the three.

No one can explain a moi the difference between silver and white inkjet-printable discs??

I am in the same Predicament as you being the end-user, wanting to print on TY’s that Preferably have a branded surface or possibly going the same route as you with OEM Discs… I personally am not sure if the Printable surface would be as tough as a branded surface but it sure would be interesting to find out! :bow:

The white ones have a flat white coating that has the appearance of coated premium injet paper. Haven’t seen the silver. It’s pretty durable, but I doubt that it will respond well to water.

Thanks rdgrimes…

So does it actually look like a label that’s been pasted on top of a silver-thermal type one? Or does it look mo bettah? :smiley:

Anyone else have experience with these two?

So does it actually look like a label

No, it looks like a coating.

Mmmmkay. Well thanks dude. I suppose I’ll just have to try it out. Only $40 after all.