White thermal vs. white inkjet?

I recently posted a topic asking where I could find white, shiny DVD-Rs, and I’m sorry if my question was unclear, but I think I’ve figured out where I made my mistake.

Taiyo Yuden white inkjet printable
I’m guessing that inkjet printable means that the labeling surface of the DVD is similar to that of paper.

Yaito Yuden white thermal
And I’m guessing that “white thermal” means that the labeling surface of the DVD is white and smooth (and shiny, I’d venture to guess), instead of having a surface like that of paper.

I just wanted to confirm that fact before I make a purchase. I’ve read on this forum that Rima is a good place to get Taiyo Yuden DVDs. So I figure this is probably the best I can hope for. And from what I’ve read on Taiyo Yudens, they seem to be the best around.

Thanks for all the help and information, I really appreciate it.

You cannot use the thermal ones in an inkjet printer. They are designed for special thermal cd printers (that can print on any disk as they thermally transfer a solid coloring off a ribon onto the disk by using heat to melt the ribon coloring). You need the inkjet printable. Not all inkjet printables are going to be hard core matte white like paper. I have only done a little dvd printing with verbatim printables and they are kind of satin (not flat white like paper but not glossy, they have a slight shinyness to them but not glossy). I’m not sure about the ty but keep in mind, glossy photo paper is inkjet printable. It doesn’t have to be matte to be printable. Maybe someone that has done more cd/dvd rpinting than me might be able to tell you more about the printable surface of various brands (or you could google and see what you find), but I can tell you that thermal won’t work with inkjet and printables don’t ahve to be matte.

Try googling glossy printable dvd. I did and here are a few pieces of info.

It would seem that there are glossy photo like printable dvd’s avalable if that is what you are looking for but I couldn’t tell you which are good.

Heh, “glossy” would be a better word than “shiny.”

I don’t intend to print on these DVDs. I just want ones with a glossy surface for the sake of labeling them (with a sharpie marker) clearly. I don’t really want to get RiDATA or TDK since I’m looking for the best kind. And from what I’ve heard, Taiyo Yuden is really the best.

Glossy is probably what I’m looking for. Hmmm… I wish I could go to a store and see the differences between all of these.

Not sure if I’m mis-reading what you want to do, but you don’t have to have “printable” ones to use with the sharpie. I use the sharpie with the non-printable ones and the information on the DVD is clear.

If you just want something with a shiny silver surface (no label), maybe something like this would work.
thermal printers are designed to work on any disk so these would just have a blank plastic surface I would asume (as the ink is heat transfered off a ribon). I think the ones for everest machines are diffrent though.


I use the silver laquer Taiyo Yudens and mark on them with a Sharpie - have been doing so for years - I personally like the shiny silver - and they are considerably cheaper than the printable ones too-eh!

Actually, the reason I want glossy white dvd-rs is merely for the look. I really like how they look, and when I label them with a sharpie, the writing appears very clearly and nicely. I have no intention of printing on them, and I also have dvd-rs with the brand name on them (a stack of Philips). But I really prefer ones that don’t insist on sticking their brand on it.

How do the silver ones look anyway? From what I’ve seen on sites, they look just like the data side of a CD-R.

I’m considering silver… but I really like white. I think they’re very plain and very simple and rather nice.